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Extend Tweening Engine

By Extend Studio April 09, 2007

Rating = 418 votes

Short Description<br> <br> The first question to be answered must be "what is a tweening engine?" This product, the Extend TweeningEngine is more then a simple class is an animation engine. The engine can be used to ease the work of creating animations, managing animations, create time-based events and animation-driven events, filter tweens (blur, shadow ...) and color tweens.<br> <br> Is a robust engine that can be used by everyone: artist, beginner coders, intermediate flash users and advanced programmers? <br> <br> FEATURES<br> <br> - Work with decimal time values: Extend TweeningEngine is able to work with decimal tween durations and waiting periods <br> - Easy to reverse animations - Is able to reverse sets of tweens using the tween manager or to reverse independently other type of tweens<br> - Advanced action script control - It gives events to work with, for every type of tween and methods to control the tweens <br> - One line of code: The tweens can be created with just one line of code. In doing so it�s easy to understand the tweening engine.<br> - Create simple tweens: This tween helps you make a basic tween that can include: changing your object's position on different axis, scale your object. <br> - Easy tween colors: Color Tween class permits you to change the color of an object by using a RGB color value or a ColorTransform object. It goes from a color value to another color value specified by you. It's again a very simple to use tween that does in one line what others do in many more.<br> - Tween blurs, shadows ....: Filter Tween class makes a difference if you have an object you'd like to change by applying an effect like: Shadow, Blur, or others. You just have to specify to what object it applies, what property affects, what easing you prefer and set the properties values as you wish. <br> - Tween timeline animations: You should use a Frame Tween when having an object with a defined motion tween. The Frame Tween plays this motion tween but can stop in whatever frame you like or need just by defining a number of frames the Frame Tween should play.<br> - Tween multiple values in the same time: The Multi Tween uses arrays for the defined properties, start and end values, easing function, objects declared in order to help you apply multiple tweens on one or more objects in your tween.<br> - Manage your tween easy: The Tween Manager adds to the flash movie a new concept: create, correlate and control multiple tweens easy. Tween Manager has a very easy structure and a flexible usability; a tween manager can contain another Tween Manager or any other Tween types. <br> <br> Usage : simple as 1,2,3 ... <br> <br> 1 import xtd.tweening.*; and import mx.transitions.easing.*;<br> 2 create a new tween object and specify the parameters <br> 3 Test the movie to see the effect.<br> <br> Support Info:<br> <br> Support is available on the Extend Studio Forum at or by email at<br>

Support is available on the Extend Studio Forum at or by email at

UI Access:
Extend Tweening Engine is a set of classes that can be used by importing them into your document using the following line:<br> import xtd.tweening.*;<br>

Additional extension information

Author: Extend Studio
Author website:
Date published: April 09, 2007
Approval: Adobe
Browsers: Internet Explorer ALL | Netscape ALL | Opera ALL
Required product(s): Flash 8
Compatible product(s): Flash 8


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pats05 28-Feb-08 Rating = 3

hi, why i cant download it?

Cata Netto 03-Oct-07 Rating = 5

Great ....

gleisberry 30-Sep-07 Rating = 1


Ale Xandra 30-Jun-07 Rating = 1

Не работает :/

ErtaNikus W 19-Jun-07 Rating = 1

I don't get it :(

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