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Creative TextFX

By Extend Studio April 12, 2007

Rating = 432 votes

Creative TextFX

Creative TextFX is the tool that empowers you to do more with a text. By using this component you have access to more then 70 professional text effects + you can easily create new custom effects through the help of an intuitive and easy to use UI. <br> <br> The component is Plug & Play compliant - you can add surprising text effects to your Flash projects just by Drag & Drop the component on stage, setting up the text, and choosing the effect from one of the categories.<br> <br> The text effects are fully customizable and give you endless possibilities to create. <br> <br> FEATURES<br> <br> - Easy & Intuitive user interface: It has a Flash like user interface so it feels like it is totally integrated with Flash <br> - Any type of effect: We have every effect you need for your projects: Passing By effects, Loop effects, In Place, Random Appearance, Simple Effects, Trails Effects, Drop, Blurs, 3D Effects. Also every kind of effect can be Animated In or Out.<br> - Easy Font Manipulation & Auto Fonts Embed: You can choose any font, from your installed fonts, with just a mouse click. Also with the "Auto Fonts Embed" feature, the fonts embed process is done seamlessly by a smart system integrated in the component. <br> - It works with any kind of character.<br> - Animate In & Animate Out - Every effect can be started or reversed with just a mouse click so now is easy to do professional text effects that can be animated in any way you want.<br> - Letter by letter effects: Creative TextFX offers amazing text effects where every character is animated<br> - Easy color manipulation: Creative TextFX comes with an advanced color picker and now it�s easier than ever to use colors and visually apply them. <br> - Integrated advanced color picker: The Flash-like-color picker comes with, solid color, gradient color, alpha blending, hex color code + HSB + RGB and four types of color picker graphs. <br> - Drag & Drop: With a simple drag & drop procedure over the stage you are just a few clicks away from having truly killer text effects. <br> - Custom Start & time length - Duration of the effect and the moment when you start the animation are entirely up to you. <br> - Over 70 effects.<br> - Customizable parameters for all effects - custom wait time, "Animate In" or "Animate Out" , letter spacing, duration, overlap, wait, x distance, y distance ...and others.<br> - Custom FX: This is a special kind of effect, a powerful feature that gives you the ability to create, with just a few simple mouse clicks your own custom effect.<br> - The component is "timeline free". It doesn�t add anything to your timeline, this way you can organize other animations or objects easily.<br> - Save + Load = Reuse: Every time you customize an effect or create your own effect you can save them as a preset and reuse them at a later time.<br> - Lightweight - small size: We created the component having efficiency in mind. Creative TextFX has a smart system that adds to your Flash project only the effects being used; as a result it keeps the file size lightweight.<br> - Contextual Help: The contextual help system gives you answers when you need them just by hover the mouse over the controls. <br> - Instant Contact: now you can get in contact with us directly from Flash!<br> - Action Script Control: This is a powerful extra feature. It gives user the power to control the animations even from action script not only visually. The component uses AS2 and its methods, events and properties empower the user to fully control the animations form ActionScript. <br> <br> Usage : simple as 1,2,3 ... <br> 1 Drag the component on the stage.<br> 2 Use the Flash like user interface to add your text and choose an effects.<br> 3 Test the movie to see the effect.<br> <br> Support Info:<br> <br> Support is available on the Extend Studio Forum at or by email at<br>

Support is available on the Extend Studio Forum at or by email at

UI Access:
Creative TextFX is available in the Components Panel under the Extend Components category.<br> <br> Complete documentation and tutorials can be found in the Flash Help Panel, under the "Creative TextFX" book.<br>

Additional extension information

Author: Extend Studio
Author website:
Date published: April 12, 2007
Approval: Adobe
Browsers: Internet Explorer ALL | Mozilla 1.0 | Netscape ALL | Opera ALL
Action Scripts: AS 2.0 | AS 3.0
Required product(s): Flash 8
Compatible product(s): Flash All


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sutippprant 05-May-10 Rating = 1


Eriana1900 23-Oct-08 Rating = 4

I used to do my own text and image effects from AS. However, not being a designer they looked a bit...clumsy. Not to mention it took me 2 hours to make something more then a blur. This has everything I ever needed: letter twists, fades, stuff over the text, etc. I had no idea this type of product existed until I tried TextFX and it was a revelation. I especially love being able to configure it from an interface but call it from the code. It took me less then 10 minutes to configure a banner with 5 text switches

Not to mention I got the AS2 version for free, which was great for my older websites that I still maintain, but since I get very little money for it, I would not go out an buy something to help me.

roxtonro 09-Oct-08 Rating = 4

I would highly recommend this text effect engine for it's ease of use, given that you can create and save a complex effect which can later be applied with minimal fuss.
This is a real time saver with impressive results.

Catalin Serban 20-Aug-08 Rating = 5


This is an official statement from Extend Studio regarding the issues reported in the posts below.

- Creative TextFX works with the latest Adobe Flash versions (Adobe Flash 8 and Adobe Flash CS3) with ActionScript 2 as it is stated on the product requirements page.
- A new version of the product is in development. This version will be AS3 compatible and will come with many new features.
- We are offering free support for all our products. The response time for a particular incident is usually one working day. The support can be addressed via email, forum and direct feedback from the component itself.
- The product can be tried for free before buying. There are thousands of users that have successfully tried our products.
- We also have a refund policy that covers the cases where a product does not suit the user’s needs because of some objective reasons.

Catalin Serban, Executive VP

rayuken 06-Aug-08 Rating = 1

DO NOT BUY THIS. It is riddled with bugs and no longer compatible with later versions of flash. Also the support doesn't seem to exist, as I have tried to contact the company many times with no response. They will be happy to take your money though.

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