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Creative MovieFX v2

By Extend Studio April 12, 2007

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Creative MovieFX v2

The second version of Creative MovieFX has its foundations in a product you may know and like – Creative MovieFX, the ActionScript 2.0 version. However, the product has evolved a lot referring both to the visual aspect as well as the functional one. The visual aspects include a new and improved interface, new effects and a lot of cool features that ease the work while looking great. The main functionality improvement is that Creative MovieFX is ActionScript 3.0 compliant, which gives a major boost to the component’s robustness and performance, but there are many more.<br> <br> The main features that differentiate Creative MovieFX from other similar products on the market and make it a more suitable choice are:<br> <br> - compared with its predecessor, it’s totally REBUILT from-top-to-bottom<br> - it’s OPTIMIZED for fast and easy setup<br> - an optimization tool which keeps the output file at a REASONABLE size<br> - an easy &amp intuitive NEW user interface<br> - three effect elements accessible from the component’s interface with which a FULLY-FUNCTIONAL animation can be created in no time<br> - the ATTRACTIVE new visual Time Manager which gives full control to the effect structure and its elements durations<br> - over 130 PREDEFINED effect configurations to choose from<br> - DYNAMIC effects and event-triggered actions<br> - enabled filter-use directly from the interface for a GREAT visual effect<br> - the EFFECTIVE presets section which keeps the Save-and-Load=Reuse standard offered by the component’s first version<br> - an integrated SMART preview mode<br> - full ActionScript control given by the ActionScript DICTIONARY present in the complete product documentation<br> - a complete and CLEAR contextual help for all the interface elements

Support is available on the Extend Studio Forum at or by email at

UI Access:
Creative MovieFX can be found inside Flash in the Components panel, the Extend Components section (accessible from the top menu “Windows>Components” or by pressing CTRL+F7). After dragging the component on the stage, the configuration interface can be opened from the top menu, “Window>Other panels> Movie_FX_v2_Interface”.<br> <br> The complete product documentation for Creative MovieFX is available online and can be accessed by using the button labeled “Documentation” placed at the top of the component’s interface.<br> <br> There are three ways to contact user support: by email at, by using the feedback form accessible from the component’s interface or on the Forum. The method recommended by us is through the Forum, thus giving access to the solutions to the problems to all the users.

Additional extension information

Author: Extend Studio
Author website:
Date published: April 12, 2007
Approval: Adobe
Browsers: Internet Explorer ALL | Netscape ALL | Opera ALL
Action Scripts: AS 3.0
Required product(s): Flash MX
Compatible product(s): Flash CS3, 8, CS4


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Cata Netto 03-Oct-07 Rating = 5

Great ...

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