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2D Virtual Camera CS

By FlasHlee June 27, 2007

Rating = 48 votes

2D Virtual Camera in flash environment for Flash Animators. <br><br>SUPPORT ALL FLASH 9's DOCUMENTS.<br> <br><br> * Features:<br> - Compatible with Adobe Flash CS3 Professional<br> - Automatic create Camera depend your Actionscript version<br> - ALL MovieClip Transformations<br> - ALL Color Transformation's<br> - ALL Filters<br> - Professional look<br> - Adding to the Tools panel using the JavaScript API.<br><br> <br> * Usages:<br> + Set Your Stroke Color to the border color you would like.<br> + Click and hold the mouse button on the Hand tool and drag to select the Virtual Camera CS tool from the pop-up menu.<br> <br> A MovieClip will be created in your document's library called "V.Cam3" if you use version Actionscript 3.0 <br> A MovieClip will be created in your document's library called "V.Cam2" if you use version Actionscript 2.0 or Actionscript 1.0<br> <br> + Create new layer for V.Cam. You can name it "Camera".<br> + Move the mouse pointer over the Stage and click left mouse to place the Virtual Camera.<br> + Create a motion tween as you would with your Virtual Camera.<br>

Not available

UI Access:
* Installing the Virtual Camera CS Tool<br> 1. Go to Edit > Customize Tools Panel...<br> 2. From the table of tool icons on the left side of the dialog, select the tool that you would like to have the Virtual Camera CS tool appear underneath. A good choice might the hand (Hand Tool). <br> 3. After clicking the icon, scroll to the bottom of 'Available Tools' and select the 'Virtual Camera CS'.<br> 4. Click the '>> Add >>' button. Now you can see the Virtual Camera CS in the list under 'Current Selection'.<br> 5. Click OK.<br> <br> How do you Preview the Camera?<br> You must author your SWF.<br> <br> Tip:<br> You may want to edit your camera to look and feel as you like, just double click the movieclip V.Cam in your library to edit. <br>


License: Donation
Cost: Free
OS: Win | Mac
File format: MXP | 4.8 KB

Additional extension information

Author: FlasHlee
Author website:
Date published: June 27, 2007
Approval: Adobe
Browsers: Internet Explorer ALL
Required product(s): Flash CS3
Compatible product(s): Flash CS3


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Duke Heller 16-Mar-11 Rating = 2

Have no 3D, bad for me.

Kanna3d 19-Dec-10 Rating = 5

Wow! its awesome!...u gave me what i'm expecting!..really great and thank u a lotttt!....

bradsmith6680 21-Jul-08 Rating = 5

This is great! Thank you so much, a very nice tool to use!

m3tra 17-Mar-08 Rating = 5


rbecus 07-Aug-07 Rating = 5

i like this very much. as expected the rotation now works ...

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