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By nisheetjain June 09, 2007

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A ResizableTitleWIndow is a title window with resize and maximize/minimize capabilites. It allows resizing of a TitleWindow along all sides and corners. Along with that, it has also got maximize/minimize/close skinnable buttons, which are shown if their respective flag are turned on.



License: Freeware
Language: English
Cost: Free
Platform: Flash Player 9
File format: Not available

Additional extension information

Author: nisheetjain
Author website:
Date published: June 09, 2007
Approval: None
Compatible product(s): Flex 2.0.1


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ying ying 22-Jul-13 Rating = 5


Dwaves2 15-Jul-10 Rating = 5

very very good job ;) thanks a lot nisheetjain

P Distant 10-Dec-09 Rating = 4

Hi, great component, but it doesn't resize any of my charts (mx:ColumnChart for example). I have the chart inside a Canvas. How can the code be modified to support it?

Mr. McBob 21-Oct-09 Rating = 4

I tracked down the issue with PopUpManager.centerPopUp():

Quick solution:
At the bottom of function setEffects() in, change this line:
currentState = "normal";
to this:
setCurrentState("normal", false);

The property setter for currentState calls setCurrentState with the second parameter set to 'true', meaning 'play transition when changing states'. During the process of running PopUpManager.centerPopUp(), the setEffects() function is called, and thus setCurrentState is called, with the instruction to play the transition.
centerPopUp() then triggers a validation cycle. As part of the validation cycle, the transition effects are triggered. This includes a 'Move' effect, and the destination of the move is (0,0): the default and then-current position of the window, as centerPopUp hasn't yet done its centering measurements.

centerPopUp then goes on to calculate the new position of the window, and sets its coordinates appropriately.

However, the transition that was triggered runs asynchronously, so a few milliseconds later the 'move' effect finishes and proceeds to set the coordinates of the window back to (0,0). By the time the window displays, this has been done.

The solution, then, is to tell UIComponent not to play the transition when setting the initial state, by making the change shown above.

Looking at the UIComponent code, I'm guessing this problem might be limited to Flex 4, which is what I'm using.

盐酸酸 21-Aug-09 Rating = 5


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