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Creative FL Tabbed Menu

By Extend Studio August 30, 2007

Rating = 23 votes

OVERVIEW <br><br> We have created the ultimate menu navigation solution for Flash websites. With a simple Drag & Drop operation over the stage you are minutes away from having fully functional stunning web menus. <br><br> The menus can be created from the authoring environment, can be customized to suit the design (easy styling and skinning - almost everything can be customized), and it comes with over 30 customizable built in skins. Also it has over 35 menu and button effects, and it features a smart resize system that preserves round corners and the gradient colors when the skin elements are resized during runtime. <br><br><br> Why choose Creative FL Tabbed Menu? <br><br> * It gives freedom to easily create and implement Tabbed menus<br> * It offers the possibility to create your own custom skins and to incorporate them seamlessly using the advanced skinning system<br> * It comes with over 30 customizable skins<br> * Easy skinning & styling - change the color, size, font, font color and size, margins an many more<br> * You can choose effects for button transitions between states and for show/hide submenu<br> * Integrated Preview Mode - there is no need to publish the flash movie to see the menu changes made in the authoring environment because now you can work directly in preview mode<br> * Almost no Action Script knowledge required to set the menus<br> * Unlimited number of domains License<br> * Active Button Persistence<br> * It is Plug & Play - everything comes with default values so it can be used without any configuration, you just have to insert the menu and create the structure<br> * It is compliant with SAVE+LOAD=REUSE standard - every preset can be saved and reused later with zero effort<br> * It has a user friendly interface<br> * The tool can be customized to match your needs employing intuitive and easy to use parameter settings tabs<br> * It comes with detailed documentation and tutorials<br> * Free support - support is available before and after purchasing the product<br> * Free updates - we will continually improve the product and add new effects <br><br><br> As simple as 1,2,3 ... <br><br> 1. Drag the component on the stage<br> 2. Create the structure & choose the skin<br> 3. Test the movie to see the menu at work <br><br> To have a menu you just have to create the menu structure and choose a skin. Once these are set, the remaining fields are filled with the default values that correspond to the chosen skin. You will only have to work with the rest of the tabs from the interface, in order to change the default values for skin properties. <br><br><br> Support Info: Support is available on the Extend Studio Forum at or by email at

Support is available on the Extend Studio Forum at or by email at

UI Access:
The component is available in the Components Panel under the Extend Components category. The free demo version will always display an button in the main menu. <br> Complete documentation and tutorials can be found in the Flash Help Panel, under the "Creative FL Tabbed Menu" book.


License: Commercial
Cost: $49.99
OS: Win | Mac
File format: MXP | 2.9 MB

Additional extension information

Author: Extend Studio
Author website:
Date published: August 30, 2007
Approval: Basic
Browsers: Internet Explorer ALL | Mozilla 1.0 | Netscape ALL | Opera ALL
Required product(s): Flash 8
Compatible product(s): Flash CS3 , 8


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James Red Eye Design 24-Nov-08 Rating = 1

The code will pass compliance for anything!! You can find this for free on DHML and CSS sites.

Aso Mig 27-Oct-07 Rating = 1

Catalin and Radu are right, this is* great

Cata Netto 03-Oct-07 Rating = 5

Great menu, extremely customizable I like all their menu tools.


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