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By XGem December 02, 2007

Rating = 11 votes

The XGBook 1.0.0 component provides a user interface for making e-books with page turning effect and mouse dragging.<br> The mxp extension comes with sample file and a manual explaining how to use the extension.<br> <br> FEATURES: - XML based e-book maker. - Page turning effect. - NEW - Book thickness attached to look like real book. Define hw thick your book will look in xml file | 0 no thickness | 8 max thickness. - NEW - Book shadow attached. Define Shadow Alpha Channel in xml file to modify shadow darkness. - NEW - Can set property "isAuto". If you set this value to "true", pages turn by single-clicking. If "false" or undefined pages turn by double-clicking or by dragging the bottom right and left corners of the book. - NEW Control panel attached (control panel visible policy-"auto", "always", "never") - In control panel, "Go First Page" and "Go Last Page" buttons are added. - NEW - Combobox included in control panel to navigate easily. Define page label in xml file and pages will appear in the combobox. - NEW - Fast page turning when using Control Panel Buttons and Combobox. - NEW - Possibility to change color to control panel. - NEW - Print options added: Print Left Page, Print Right Page, Print Both pages, Print all and print the range of pages you defined. - Zoom In, Zoom Out functions and Zoom 1:1 ( NEW ) functions included in Control Panel. - Scale option added : scaleStep, minScale, maxScale(new) - NEW - Can attach effect sounds easily by defining in xml file: button rollOver sound, button click sound, button onRelease sound and page flip sound. - NEW - Possibility to set background color to match Stage color. - Move book around just by dragging to see what you want. Load images and SWF Flash files as book pages from xml file. Don't need to save them in a flash library. <br> LICENCE AGREEMENT: YOU MAY NOT:<br> <br> - Sub-license the Extension.<br> - Reverse engineer, decompile, or disassemble the Extension.<br> - Rent, loan, lease, modify or distribute the Extention.<br> - Copy the Extension or manual except as provided in this agreement.<br> <br> To use this product on any portal or community site you must contact us before doing it. Licence and product price are different and are subjected to changes. Please get in contact with our company for more details. <br> Please find details and the Full Licence Agreement in the Manual.pdf file (final page) <br> XGEM - GENERAL EXTENSION MANAGER <br>


UI Access:
This item is accessed by choosing Component Panel > XGem > XGBook.


License: Freeware
Cost: Free
OS: All
File format: MXP | 1.6 MB

Additional extension information

Author: XGem
Author website:
Date published: December 02, 2007
Approval: Basic
Browsers: AOL | Internet Explorer ALL | Mozilla 1.0 | Netscape ALL | Opera ALL | WebTV
Required product(s): Flash MX 2004
Compatible product(s): Flash 8 , MX Professional 2004 , MX 2004


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nolanjeffrey 12-Aug-09 Rating = 1

why cant add more then10 pages

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