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Water Splash Logo

By rob hindley April 10, 2008

Rating = 35 votes

Water Splash Logo

A project based on Ayato Fujii's tutorial 51 - a logo reveal through a water splash. Techniques courtesy of Ayato Fujii a Created with AE6.5 Professional. May require Trpacode or Adobe plugins.


License: Freeware
Cost: Free
Platform: Win | Mac
File format: ZIP | 679.9 KB

Additional extension information

Author: rob hindley
Author website: Not available
Date published: April 10, 2008
Approval: None
Compatible product(s): After Effects CS3


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Jason Gaines 07-Sep-08 Rating = 3

This is pretty cool. It just needs some personal tweaks to make it more alive I think. I wasnt a big fan of the background animation myself, so I just used something I have, and added a light with shadows to add more depth to it, and adjusted some settings from the default file itself.

Here is a view of what I came up with on this after about a half hour:

131Mb file size-

I think it is a great way to dissect someone's work to see how they do things. Tnx for sharing.

rob hindley 02-Jul-08 Rating = 5

Thanks for your comments. I realise there are other more up-to-date ways to achieve the results, but I am taking the techniques from - hence the need to use third party filters. It is nice to use plugs native to AE but third party plugs play huge part for AE in the professional broadcast environment and are worth knowing.

strizbizmedia 19-May-08 Rating = 1

uses 3rd party effects that people might not have installed. It would be a lot more useful if you use the filters that come with after effects. Sorry but I have to agree with todd

glennser 01-May-08 Rating = 3

Nice work, it would have been a bit cooler (although slower to render) if you'd used caustics to create the water instead of a video clip but still cool.
In relation to Todd's comments above what did you expect? It clearly says you need Particular in the summary, why give a crappy rating when you can't even view it, that's not very cool!!

rob hindley 13-Apr-08 Rating = 3

Todd, I've re-tested the uploaded file. On my Mac with the older version of Particular it definitely works.

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