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Lightroom Export Plug-In

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By Tim Armes May 05, 2008

Rating = 322 votes

LR/Mogrify is a Lightroom plug-in that allows you to useImageMagick's mogrify command on images exported from Lightroom. ImageMagick is a collection of powerful, freeware command line utilities for processing images. The plug-in provides an easy to use interface onto several of Mogrify's features, such as advanced resizing options, sharpening after resize, colourspace conversion, overlaying graphical watermarks or textual annotations and putting borders around your images. NOTE: Users of Lightroom 2 or 3 should use LR/Mogrify 2.


License: Try/Buy
Language: English, French, German
Cost: $10.00
Platform: Win | Mac
File format: Not available

Additional extension information

Author: Tim Armes
Author website:
Date published: May 05, 2008
Approval: None
Compatible product(s): Lightroom 4, 3, 2, 1.x


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-Agfaclack- 11-Jan-12 Rating = 2

the GUI is unorganized.

i looks like something for linux freaks and people who like to use commandline tools.

no doku.. a lot of guessing what the parameters do.

Coco Nuts 22-Oct-11 Rating = 5

Thanks Tim

Joel Melgar 21-Jun-11 Rating = 3

This web page is out of date. For users of lightroom 2-3 You have to visit:

You need to follow a lot of instructions (and some downloads, if You are Windows user), and have to be pacience to obtain results. 15-Jan-11 Rating = 1

No readme.txt, no installation guide online, no *.exe, nothing...
Plugin must be for coders, but not for photo geeks.

B H 07-Sep-10 Rating = 2

Still works - but since update to V.3.2
there is only an error message.

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