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GuestBook Wizard - Add a Guestbook

By Ryan Kunz December 12, 2000

Rating = 298 votes

GuestBook by provides the reliability and ease of use that you have come to expect. This service allows you to build and configure your guestbook to meet your unique preferences and requirements. Get to know your Web audience today by placing a customizable guestbook on your site!<br><br> Bugs Fixed in This Version:<br> - User interface improvements and minor bug fixes.

For technical support visit the following URL:

UI Access:
Launch the GuestBook Wizard by selecting Insert -> -> GuestBook


License: Freeware
Cost: Free
OS: Win
File format: MXP | 659.6 KB

Additional extension information

Author: Ryan Kunz
Author website:
Date published: December 12, 2000
Approval: Basic
Browsers: Internet Explorer ALL | Netscape 7,6.2,6,4.75,4.7,4.5,4,3
Required product(s): Dreamweaver 4
Compatible product(s): Dreamweaver 4
Server environment: Not available


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Cinde Rella 27-May-12 Rating = 1

absoluter Müll !!!

oscar oski 02-Jan-12 Rating = 1

crap!!! doesnt work

varleyjr 31-Jul-11 Rating = 1

menu -- - services - does not expand

guzzler guzzler 16-Jan-11 Rating = 1

doesnt even launch sub menu is blank?

Larry Johnson 04-Jun-10 Rating = 1

doesn't work

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