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Email Merge - ASP mass mailer

By Linecraft Studio August 29, 2008

Rating = 53 votes

Email Merge - ASP mass mailer

Stay in touch with your customers. Send highly personalized, visually appealing electronic mass mail with a click of a button. With Linecraft Email Merge Server Object for Dreamweaver you can build your web-based data-driven mailer quickly and easily: 1. Define your Recordset. 2. Insert the Object. 3. Upload the files to the server and start using your mailer. The application comes with a built-in WYSIWYG editor, so you can compose your messages using Rich Text formatting tools; upload and insert images from the server, create links (both static and data-driven), tables, and other HTML elements using both Code and Design Views. The following lists some features and advantages of using the Linecraft Email Merge: * Compatible with Internet Explorer and Gecko-based browsers. * Send messages in either HTML or Plain Text format. * Access your mailer from any machine from a secure area of you web site. * Send messages in either HTML or Plain Text format. * Using Code View you can make any attribute of an HTML tag DYNAMIC (data-driven). * Use variables in both Message and Subject fields. * Preview your messages to see how they will look on the user screen. * Send test messages to any (single) specified email address (or to a comma-separated list). * Compatible with CDONTS, CDOSYS, ASPMail and server components (Compatibility with other ASP mail components can be added free of charge). * File attachment support. * Customize the appearance to match your web site look and feel. * AJAX-based mail engine - no more page refreshes when sending messages! * Progress monitor (graphic progress bar, number of messages sent and percent done). * Stop, pause, resume and skip to the next (to continue interrupted cycle) while sending. * Set automatic delay interval (in minutes) to work around hosting provider limitations. * Upload images to the server and immediately use them in your message. * Preview and insert images from your server. * Specify Character Encoding. * Use message templates: preview and save them to the server or local hard drive (now also available in Firefox); preview and load templates from the server (in txt, html and asp file format). * Change any message parameter at any time during mailout cycle. This version of Email Merge Server Object is compatible with ASP-VBScript server model only. PHP-MySQL version can be found at

Support available through email

UI Access:
To insert this Object click the Email Merge button found on the ASP tab of the Insert bar

Additional extension information

Author: Linecraft Studio
Author website: Not available
Date published: August 29, 2008
Approval: Basic
Browsers: Firefox 3.0,2.0 | Google Chrome | Internet Explorer 8.0,7.0,6.0 | Netscape 9.0,8.0,7.0 | Safari 4.0,3.0
Required product(s): Dreamweaver MX 2004
Compatible product(s): Dreamweaver CS5, CS3, 8, CS4
Server environment: ASP VBScript


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Victor Cheung 19-Jul-11 Rating = 5

Been using this for two years now. Highly recommended.

yiannis n 13-Jul-09 Rating = 5

What a great extension. Make hard things to be very easy.
Thank you!!!! :-)

lfirth 13-May-09 Rating = 5

Very good product, very easy to use and customise. I only had a small problem which was fixed very quickly thanks to excellent email support.

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