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Pixel Bender Fills

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By mrwelsh July 28, 2008

Rating = 45 votes


Here is a simple ray-tracer made using Pixel Bender 1.0. It supports ambient, diffuse, and specular lighting, as well as reflection and shadows. To keep things simple, only spheres are rendered.


License: Open Distribution
Cost: Free
Platform: Flash Player 10
File format: ZIP | 2.7 KB

Additional extension information

Author: mrwelsh
Author website:
Date published: July 28, 2008
Approval: None
Compatible product(s): Pixel Bender 1.0


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me9358 12-Sep-10 Rating = 3

What's with "Platform: Flash Player 10"?

It uses loops, dependent values, arrays, regions, and functions other than evaluatePixel, all of which is unsupported by Flash.

Cool demo of realtime raytracing on the GPU though.

david van brink 05-Oct-08 Rating = 4

Totally cool & I get it! Alas... for some reason it's rendering mostly black with pixelly fringes for me, with GPU, mac os x 10.5.5, PBT build 35.

Darrin M 11-Sep-08 Rating = 5

Fantastic! Looking forward to the texture sampling version!

T Beddard 18-Aug-08 Rating = 5

Very impressive!

Kevin Goldsmith 03-Aug-08 Rating = 5

This is just awesome.

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