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full screen picture and banner background template rotator FADE

By dSKY Development September 27, 2008

Rating = 52 votes

This is a powerful background picture and swf file rotator. It’s capable of loading and displaying pictures and swf files in the background of your flash site. There is nothing in the library of this file, everything is controlled through ActionScript code and external XML file. When you use this file in your own applications , you just need to create one layer and one empty movie clip and give it an instance name of ‘imagesHolder’. All images and external swf files will be loaded in it. Place the layer to be the first one in the file , so all other content and layer will go above this one. All important properties for this file are controlled through xml: folderpath : is the property that holds the value for path to the images , in this example value is “images/” that means that the full path for the images will be: images/image1.jpg ; images/image2.jpg ; etc … preload : holds a value for how many images of total images are going to be preloaded , that means if there are 10 images or external swf’s and we set the property for preload to be 5 , animation won’t start to play untill at least 5 images are preloaded. When those five images are preloaded, the rest of the images will start to load also , but animation will play after only five images are loaded. The rest of the images are loaded in the background. If the animation comes to a picture that hasn’t been loaded yet , animation will hold current image on stage , and wait for the next image to load, as soon as the image loads , animation will continue. if you don’t provide value for this parameter , all images will be loaded right on start. This property is very handy , because user doesn’t have to wait for all images to be loaded before he sees any images on the stage at all. speed : holds a value for the speed of image animations (how long will take each image to animate in to position on the stage) . Value is presented in number of seconds so in this example images will take 2 seconds to complete the animation. if you don’t provide a value for this parameter , default value is ‘2’. url : holds the url for the picture or external swf file, url value will be added to imagepath value to for the full path to the image. For example , path to first image in xml file will be : images/picture1.jpg Note that you can use any name for the image, it doesn’t have to be : image1.jpg ; image2.jpg ;image3.jpg it can be anything you like: beach.jpg ; winter.png ; externalSWF.swf ; etc…. time : holds the value for how long will every image be on the stage. Values are in seconds , so , in this example image1.jpg will be focused for 2 seconds. After 2 seconds pass , another image will slide on the stage , provided that the next image is loaded , if not image1.jpg will stay on the stage , until the next image becomes available.

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Additional extension information

Author: dSKY Development
Author website: Not available
Date published: September 27, 2008
Approval: None
Browsers: Firefox 2.0 | Internet Explorer ALL | Netscape ALL | Opera ALL
Required product(s): Flash Professional All
Compatible product(s): Flash Professional CS3, 8, MX Professional 2004, MX 2004


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Ivan V. 15-Oct-08 Rating = 5

High guality file, transitions are very smooth, there is a lot of options in the file.

dSKY Development 15-Oct-08 Rating = 5

Good functionality

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