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phatfusion roundedCorners

By Samuel Birch October 14, 2008

Rating = 310 votes

phatfusion roundedCorners

Framework: MooTools

Dreamweaver support: Standard

This will add a simple roundedCorners on divs and images.

Not available

UI Access:
Select phatfusion roundedCorners from phatfusion in the Insert Palette or Insert Menu Widget Packaged by Adobe Widget Packager 1.0.112


License: Freeware
Cost: Free
OS: All
File format: MXP | 101.0 KB

Additional extension information

Author: Samuel Birch
Author website:
Date published: October 14, 2008
Approval: Basic
Browsers: Internet Explorer 6 | Mozilla 2.0 | Netscape 8 | Opera 8
Required product(s): Dreamweaver CS4
Compatible product(s): Dreamweaver CS4
Server environment: Not available


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abo amero 24-Dec-11 Rating = 1


ggreyes 15-Mar-10 Rating = 4

Got it to work after some fiddling around. (As others say, some help/tutorial is needed -- not totally self explanatory.) Because of the unavailability of help, rated it a 4. Even though I finally got it to work, I couldn't figure out how to get rid of the black line on the right hand side. Also, as someone else says, changing the value of the radius seems to break the corner effect.

Falkon_110 04-Feb-10 Rating = 1

What sucks is that most of these great extensions come with minimal help, and that delays the work deadline in our side. I would also love to see the ADOBE Tutorial Videos more informative, rather than just someone showing you a video Tut, that is not really informative. Meaning, when you look at a video from Adobe, 1- You can not download the video for later off line learning. 2- when someone is teaching you how to to for example make a template or some other technical just like this Rounded corner application, they start by, here I have already made this....and now that easy go do it too. That is it. How did he make it, how did he implement it, how ....there is no mention of it.
There are great @@@ video tuts on Fireworks, just that they never tell you, you can not make multiple pages on fireworks and they never go deeper in how you slice the template thing. I tried any different angle, still did not come out. Same with photo shop. Adobe!!! Please make these changes, we LOVE you, that is why we are here. Thanks.

calis Ra 28-Jan-10 Rating = 5

I'm re-rating this as I worked it out for dreamweaver. When you add this widget to a dreamweaver root it creates a css files folder. In there creat a file, I called mine index, then insert the widget then added my tefplate. It will ask you where you want header and container to go so I selected container on my template and once it was in place I made changes to the picture. The corners are white and I had a black background but this is easy to change in photoshop. also if you select no-where for the header, whene you insert it on to a template it will remove the text box which I liked even more. I hope this is useful and also correct but it worked for me and as much as I searched I couldn't find any help on the phatfusion site. This is a graet widget along with all the rest from the Phatfusion camp.

calis Ra 26-Jan-10 Rating = 1

would love to use this but can't get it to work on my templates. All the other Phatfusion works great but this don't

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