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By jrevel September 24, 2008

Rating = 53 votes


This is a dynamic introspection and inspection tool for Flex and AIR applications With KapInspect, you will be able to: - browse the display list of the application - capture any component - recursively inspect the content of any object - trace events displayed from the framework - and many other nice features

Documentation can be found here:


License: Freeware
Language: English
Cost: Free
Platform: Flash Player 9
File format: Not available

Additional extension information

Author: jrevel
Author website:
Date published: September 24, 2008
Approval: None
Compatible product(s): Flex 3.0


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bill harris 28-Oct-08 Rating = 5

Great for maintaining applications !

widg_ed 19-Oct-08 Rating = 5

Superb little tool.

The only weakness is that the documentation on how to install it is not so obvious to find. Copy KapInspect.swc in the libs folder of your flex project.

In your main app, have something like this:



... you application code ....


Even better, to avoid to include in your official release a dependency on a library that you are not licensed to distribute.

Assuming that you alraedy have a main flex application file that is called myApp.mxml. Create a separate file, in the same package (that is in the same folder, by default 'src' folder) that you name myApp_inspect.mxml. In this file, paste the code below. Compile that file. Open myApp_inspect.swf in your browser. It contains an instance of myApp as well as an instance of the KapInspect component. Give your application focus (click on it) and type ctl+F12 to reveal the KapInspect tool.



<!-- any style statement that is expected in the top level app (myApp file) -->
<mx:Style source="etc/myApp.css"/>


kohinoor75 26-Sep-08 Rating = 5

This tool is absolutely fantastic, for me it is the ultimate flex
inspection tool.

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