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By dfranzen_adobe November 03, 2008

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The Export-to-JPEG extension lets you quickly export JPEG versions of images in Bridge, exporting the thumbnail or preview JPEG Bridge has already stored in its cache. The extension includes several ways to configure where files are exported, quality, metadata, and post-processing options. You can save options as "presets" and reuse them to automate your workflow. After installing the plugin, you can open the Export-to-JPEG preset editor two ways: - From the Bridge Edit menu select Export-to-JPEG > Export... - From the Output icon menu in the Bridge tool bar select Export-to-JPEG > Export... Use the preset editor to configure a set of options for exporting JPEGs. Name your preset and save it using the "Save" button at the bottom of the dialog. To perform an export, use one of the following methods... - Open the preset editor dialog an click the "Export JPEGs" button, to export using the options currently configured in the dialog. - Use the Export-to-JPEG > Presets... menu in the Edit menu or the Output icon menu to export using a pre-configured set of options. Export-to-JPEG exports JPEG for the Thumbnails selected in the Content pane of the top-most Bridge window. If there are no Thumbnails selected, all thumbnails in the content pane are exported. A modal dialog with a "Cancel" button appears during export. Status information about Export-to-JPEG's progress appear in both status bar of the Bridge window. Export-to-JPEG comes with four built in presets. These appear at the top of the presets in the preset editor under "Bridge Presets", and at the bottom of the list of presets (after your custom presets and a horizontal separator) in the Export-to-JPEG > Presets menu in the Bridge Edit and Output icon menus. Note, you must install the E-Mailer Extension (a separate download on Exchange) to be able to E-Mail exported JPEGs as part of the export process. * Known Limitations - The FTP unloader does not create directories on the FTP server. Be sure you specify the path to an existing directory. * About Custom Post Processing Scripts You can further customize the export process with your own JavaScripts. This release includes two sample post-processing scripts. To locate the samples, open the Bridge preferences dialog, select "Startup Scripts" and then the "Reveal Scripts" button -- this opens your Startup Scripts folder. In this folder find the "sample scripts" folder inside the "ExportToJpeg" folder. From Bridge's Edit menu select Export to JPEG > Reveal Custom Post-Processing Scripts. Copy the two sample scripts here. The next time you configure Export to JPEG, you can choose to use a script for post-processing. Open either script in Extend Script Toolkit for more information about how to write your own custom post-processors.


License: Freeware
Cost: Free
Platform: Win | Mac
File format: MXP | 1.2 MB

Additional extension information

Author: dfranzen_adobe
Author website: Not available
Date published: November 03, 2008
Approval: None
Compatible product(s): Bridge CS4


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Tomasz Lechocinski 03-Jan-13 Rating = 5

This is great script I just can`t live without it!! But it don`t work for CS6. PLEASE HELP!

liz hildebrandt 10-Dec-12 Rating = 5

Amazing, worked very easily, a real solution for older versions of sharepoint

Fernando Binder 14-Oct-12 Rating = 5

To install on CS5 for mac runninf Lion: renama the file extension with .mxp. It worked for me.

Kimblh 30-Jul-12 Rating = 1

Won't install in CS5. Please advice.

Xaime Aneiros 06-Sep-11 Rating = 5

Great script, I can no longer live without it!
just a problem, I recenly updated to CS5.1.0.54 and I have problems after i use it one time sometimes I have to reboot the Bridge to be able to use it again... I wish the maker can update this essencial script.

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