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Fireworks Automation

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By MayurMundada December 05, 2008

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LoremIpsum is a random text generator which helps designers to quickly add placeholder text to mockups. It uses a database of sentences and intelligence to generate random, non-repetitive text. You can use this extension in both Fireworks CS3 and Fireworks CS4. Features : 1. Generate text as Paragraphs, Words, Lists [Plain / Bulleted / Numbered], Characters. 2. Use preset styles on text to generate. And flexibility to change the preset setting Font, Font Size, Line Height [Leading], Font Weight and Font style. 3. Converting selected text to lower case, upper case or only first character of each word to upper case. 4. Adding amount of text to selected Path [text in path]. 5. Adding more text to existing text block. Refer to LoremIpsum.pdf for details on installing and using this extension.

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UI Access:
Refer to LoremIpsum.pdf for details on installing and using this extension.

Additional extension information

Author: MayurMundada
Author website: Not available
Date published: December 05, 2008
Approval: None
Browsers: Internet Explorer ALL
Required product(s): Fireworks All
Compatible product(s): Fireworks CS3, CS4


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regis weber 29-Jun-12 Rating = 5

Works with CS6. Love it so much. Fireworks is one of my favorite software.

android 106 08-Jan-12 Rating = 1

Despues de instalarlo en fireworks cs3 ha funcionado , pero ha creado un conflicto en el programa y ahora no permite grabar los cambios de trabajo . Emite un error interno .

Michael Baldamus 27-Nov-10 Rating = 1

Thanks Ifirth for your answer. But it dosn't work. In finder (mac osx) there is no "Run as administrator" by right clicking on the mxp file. Any other tips? It is a pity that MayurMundada has no current version for the CS5. I have written him an email, but received no replay. A very great tool, but...

lfirth 18-Nov-10 Rating = 5

Great tool. In answer to Michael Baldamus question. I managed to get it to work with CS5 by right clicking on the mxp file and selecting "Run as Adminisrator".

Michael Baldamus 08-Nov-10 Rating = 2

The current version seems not to work with the new CS5. Is there an uptdate or a tip ob how to bring it to run yet? The letters will be shown only as points. Thnaks to everyone for quick help

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