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XML Vertical Menu Bar – XML Menu

By flashark April 17, 2009

Rating = 51 votes

XML Vertical Menu Bar – XML Menu

XML Vertical Menu Bar – XML Menu - Glow and Icon This is simple and elegant Vertical menu bar, driven by XML . Just drag and drop to your flash project, and customize it by XML . WHAT DO YOU GET ? * Complete xml menu bar source (menu.fla, menu.swf, menu.xml, menu.html), with very detailed commented code, and HELP file. * Sounds used in xml menu. Free for comercial use * Complete preview files (with 10 different predefined xmls , and internal and external link examples) * Complete example of using this flash menu with AJAX technology. Which demonstrate use of this menu on site for naviagation and changing contents of pages but without reloading pages and refreshing flash. Also without using IFRAME , or other problematic elements. This FLASH +AJAX example is included. Also help for this example is included XML DRIVEN FEATURES IN THIS MENU : * add as many items as you want * set space between items in menu * set background color of menu bar, or use transparent * resize menu (scale up or down by percents) * Set icon type, use some of our 10 predefined or draw your own * Set separator lines between items, configure positions, dimnesions, colors and transparency * change texts on all button states (UP, OVER , OUT, PRESS , DOWN) * change text colors on all button states (UP, OVER , OUT, PRESS , DOWN) * change text glow colors on states (OVER, OUT , PRESS, DOWN ) * apply external link action (getURL), internal link (loadMovie), call javascript, or call any flash function (gotoAndStop for example) SPECIAL FEATURES IN THIS XML MENU : * Possibility to set initial item pressed on page load, and to preserve state after page refresh. * Possibility to use with javascript, so no page reload needed for changing page content( FLASH +AJAX example ) * Always call some internal function on item press so you can define additional functionality in it, different one from xml. (example: stop sound, and open some link on item pressed) Please rate this file if you like it. If You like this check Horizontal version of this menu with similar effect.

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License: Commercial
Cost: $5.00
OS: All
File format: Not available

Additional extension information

Author: flashark
Author website: Not available
Date published: April 17, 2009
Approval: None
Browsers: Firefox 3.0,2.0 | Internet Explorer ALL
Required product(s): Flash Professional All
Compatible product(s): Flash Professional CS3, 8, Professional CS4


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Great file.
Absolutely recommended
More flash files at <a href=""></a>

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