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FlexAdmin for MySQL

By sezzell August 09, 2009

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FlexAdmin for MySQL

FlexMyAdmin... That's not the name, but it would be a huge compliment. We all love phpMyAdmin, but we all know what it's like to use it during a big project. For those of us who need a little RIA / Web 2.0 in our apps, this one is for you. We have spent a whole lot of time on this one because we use it hard and we expect that you will too. This tool was designed for rapid development and testing. We trired to re-think how we work with a database and what is really important to that end. The Flex Admin for MySQL app includes all of your standard MySQL administration functions and what we think are some really nice enhancements that we don't see anyone else doing. Just for fun, we also built in our award winning Flex Online File manager as well as a new Flex Based IDE / Code editor. These things seemed to make a whole lot more sense to have than a simple report builder that seems to be the norm in dba programs. Not that we have ever been able to use one due to their limitiations. We also want to give credit to Juan Sanchez for his DarkRoom Theme. It is really nice and makes the app pop. Here's a run down of the functions. Top Line Manage multiple Servers from one IDE PHP Back-end: Localized Connections for servers Easy Installer Database Functions Create and Drop MySQL Databases mysqldump exports Drag and Drop Databases between servers Dashboard and Process Performance Table Functions Table Details - DDL Table Drill downs Drag and Drop Tables between database CSV exports of table data Import delimited files into mysql Tables Duplicate tables Create, Alter, Drop tables Table Renaming Index creation and management MySQL auto Analyze and Optimize Inline table data editing Inline row additions Integrate SQL Query interface Copy results to the System Clipboard for editing in Excel The Table Designer Drag and Drop Fields Drag and Drop table templates We think you are going to love this one. Create common tables in seconds. The Flex Online File Manager Think Windows Explorer or OS X Finder Upload, Delete, Files Copy / Paste Files Create directories Drag and Drop between Directories Multiple Views - List, icon and Coverflow for images Customizable icon views The Flex IDE code / Text editor It's simple but it works.... and looks cool Create New Files Edit existing files Preview Files Integrated Coverflow of history for version watching - You've just got to see it to understand... It's nice. Copy/Paste Find string in a file. System Requirements: PHP 5+ Note: It has been tested on PHP 4.1+ and has been succesful however, better be safe MySQL4.2 + : Older Versions will probably work, but has not been tested. Documentation: Part of your purchase will be a 27 page user manual with detailed usage and screenshots.


License: Commercial
Language: English
Cost: $30.00
Platform: Flash Player 9 | Flash Player 10
File format: Not available

Additional extension information

Author: sezzell
Author website: Not available
Date published: August 09, 2009
Approval: None
Compatible product(s): Flex 3.0


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