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Costco Photo Center Export Plug-In

By Vladimir Vinogradsky September 16, 2009

Rating = 46 votes

Costco Photo Center Export Plug-In

Export or publish your photos from Lightroom to directly to the Costco Photo Center. Latest version: 2.11.1 (Dec 5, 2013)

►►► Please don't use this form to ask questions about the plugin.◀◀◀ If you need support, visit and email me directly.

Visit for installation instructions.


License: Shareware
Language: English
Cost: $15.00
Platform: Win | Mac
File format: Not available

Additional extension information

Author: Vladimir Vinogradsky
Author website:
Date published: September 16, 2009
Approval: None
Compatible product(s): Lightroom 5, 4, 3, 2


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talz000013 24-Aug-13 Rating = 2

First of all... I did get a good year of use out of this plugin. It worked well enough.

Now, I've upgraded to Lightroom 5, and find that the plugin has to be re-licensed for every major Lightroom update (e.g. 4 -> 5, 5 -> 6, etc.). So basically, it's adding $15 to the cost of each Lightroom upgrade I will be doing in the future.

$15 is WAY too much for something that I'll have to re-buy every year just to simplify printing to Costco. I think the author has priced himself out of the market :p

Redfernplace 11-Nov-12 Rating = 5

I was just getting ready to upload some prints to Costco when I thought "There should be an export plugin that will do this...maybe I'll write one." Since I'm not usually the first one to think of great ideas I did a quick Google search first...and found this. It works great! I just bought it. Thanks!

Ellis001 09-Jun-12 Rating = 5

If you use Costco Photo printing and down load their profiles this plugin makes up loading and using their services a snap. I now put all my printed images in Lightroom because it just makes ordering prints so much easier and accurate, it's a lot faster than Costco's up loader..

An added plus, when I had a problem and asked for assistance he got back to me within the hour..

Teresa Fields 02-Apr-12 Rating = 3

Costco changes the printer profiles every six months and each location is different, does this change according to which Costco the images are sent to?

rscopa 08-Feb-12 Rating = 4

Cant figure out where the plug in went... I downloaded it and cant locate it??? Help.

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