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Dreamweaver Web Widgets

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By ITLogic September 25, 2009

Rating = 54 votes


Framework: Several including stand alone

Dreamweaver support: Basic

Creates a Shadowbox using the version 3.0b script written by Michael J. I. Jackson. This widget is to view single media files ONLY. If you would like to make a gallery slide show, please see Shadowbox3b Gallery Shadowbox3b and Shadowbox3b Gallery can be used together on the same page if needed. Together they give you a complete Shadowbox solution This is another page overlay media viewer. This can be used in several different languages and works with several different JavaScript libraries (JQuery, Mootools, etc.). This installation is set to English by default, but can be modified in the shadowbox_init.js file. I used a different method of implementing this in hopes it will keep your code cleaner and easier to maintain. Typically, you add parameters and options to the "a" tags that call the shadowbox. In my opinion this makes code messy, especially when there are many options you would like to use. This implementation puts minimal code in in your "a" tag. The tag code is generated by Dreamweaver and is therefore consistent. The onClick event of the tag is used to call a function that is inserted at the bottom of the page. All of your options are defined there rather than the tag. This puts the code in a consistant place and makes it easier to read, find and maintain. Each time you insert the shadowbox3b widget, a new fuction is created specific to the new tag. That way you can have different options for each link. If you would like to have several links that use the same function, simply copy an existing link that uses that function and paste it where appropriate. For instance, if you are creating a gallery of images. See for information and usage of the Shadowbox.js script. Or, contact me at and see the Web Widgets category of my blog. Also contact me with any issues pertaining specifically to the Web Widget for Dreamweaver CS4. The author of the Shadowbox.js script was not involved in making this Web Widget. PLEASE NOTE: Michael J. I. Jackson is the actual creator of Shadowbox. The particular version installed with this web widget is the current version at the time, 3.0b. In the event that Mr. Jackson updates the script, he will not be able to support this widget if he no longer supports version 3.0b. Also any bug fixes or enhancments will not be included in this widget until it is updated to match the new Shadowbox release. Also, this Web Widget also adheres to his license here:

SUPPORT INFORMATION for general questions about the script and contact me for specific questions on using the widget. Also see the blog for any entries.

UI Access:
After install you can find it under ITLogic in the Insert panel or Insert > Web Widget > ITLogic in the menu pull down.


License: Freeware
Cost: Free
OS: All
File format: MXP | 1.2 MB

Additional extension information

Author: ITLogic
Author website:
Date published: September 25, 2009
Approval: None
Browsers: Firefox ALL | Internet Explorer ALL | Netscape ALL | Opera ALL | Safari ALL
Required product(s): Dreamweaver CS4
Compatible product(s): Dreamweaver CS4
Server environment: Not available


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jhon.fisher 08-Oct-10 Rating = 5

Brilliant. Works perfect!

ITLogic 15-Nov-09 Rating = 5

I uploaded a version 1.1.0 that is still pending review by Adobe. I changed the description to what it is currently here on this website. I added a disclaimer at the bottom of the description I also specified that Shadowbox3b ONLY works for single media files and NOT gallery slide shows. Because of this, I also took the "gallery" argument out of the function that the Web Widget creates.

Thank you to Adam Ferestad for bring this to my attention. To fix this, I created a separate Web Widget called Shadowbox3b Gallery. I have uploaded it here to Adobe and it is also waiting for approval. The two Web Widgets work together on the same page if needed, so combined, the are a complete Shadowbox solution.

Finally, I started a blog to cover the specifics of using my Web Widgets. It is still being worked on, but a few things are already there. Please leave comments on it if there is something you don't understand or is missing. It is at and go to the Web Widgets category.

ITLogic 28-Oct-09 Rating = 5

If you go to the insert dropdown menu, you will see a category called ITLogic along with the regular ones like Common. It is in there.

Gent Gentius 26-Oct-09 Rating = 5

Where can I find it after install>restart dreamweaver? Lightbox for example is in commands menu but can't find it there. Thanks

Bram de Vuyst 29-Sep-09 Rating = 5

the best!

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