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HTML Editor

By WebAssist October 30, 2009

Rating = 32 votes

HTML Editor

HTML Editor 2 is a powerful Dreamweaver extension that allows you to add rich WYSIWYG text editing capabilities to your online forms. Simply apply HTML editor to an existing PHP form within an administrative site, CMS solution, or similar project to provide over 60 advanced HTML text editing options within any web browser. Not sure how to build an online form? Check out the WebAssist Extension Library which contains all the Dreamweaver extensions you may require.

Free Technical Support and help documentation are included with each purchase from WebAssist. Technical Support keeps your mission-critical projects on track and gets you to the next level in your work more quickly.

UI Access:
This extension can be accessed via the Insert menu > WebAssist > HTM Editor


License: Commercial
Cost: $49.99
OS: Win | Mac
File format: MXP | 6.7 MB

Additional extension information

Author: WebAssist
Author website:
Date published: October 30, 2009
Approval: None
Browsers: AOL | Firefox ALL | Internet Explorer 8.0,7.0,6.0,5.5 | Netscape 9.0,8.0,7.0 | Safari 4.0,3.0
Required product(s): Dreamweaver CS3, CS4
Compatible product(s): Dreamweaver CS3, CS4
Server environment: PHP MySQL


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Steve Skinner 26-Mar-10 Rating = 1

Supplemental update... the editor I prefer - Wysiwyg Editor, only supports ASP.

Steve Skinner 26-Mar-10 Rating = 1

Avoid this extension, especially if you ever used iRite. Causes problems with other extensions, isn't backward compatible with their prior version of the same editor and they've limited it to only PHP. For better support on PHP, ASP, etc. Go with the Wysiwyg Editor from Gianluigi /

Geen Garvey 30-Nov-09 Rating = 5

Found this product through the exchange and it was exactly what I needed for my project. I found it pretty easy to use - particularly like the number of features the end user is provided with.

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