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Dreamweaver Web Widgets

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Spry Pop-up Dialog Widget

By Linecraft Studio March 12, 2010

Rating = 55 votes

Spry Pop-up Dialog Widget

Framework: Spry

Dreamweaver support: Basic

Spry Pop-up Dialog is a user interface widget powered by Adobe Spry framework. When added to a page the widget will produce an AJAX pop-up box - a container for your forms, database records, page dialogs, images, Flash or other content of your choice. Initially invisible, it can be displayed when a user clicks a link or a button on a web page or immediately after the page loads in the browser. To dismiss it user can click the "close" link located on title bar of the pop-up widget or simply click away from the pop-up. KEY BENEFITS * Use with various types of content: iframes, images, web forms, etc. * Put your message across and bypass those overzealous pop-up blockers. * Create custom dialog boxes (such as alert or confirmation box) that are visually attractive and have user-defined labels (not just "OK" or "Cancel"). * Keep your your interface organized and display content only when it's needed. Among many features: * Disable page scrolling while the popup is open or let the page scroll behind ("sticky note" mode). * Disable mouse interaction with the page while the popup is open ("modal" mode). * Optional "fade in and out" effect. * Draggable window mode and more.

Support available through email.

UI Access:
Spry Pop-up Dialog widget can be accessed from the Spry tab of the Insert bar or from Spry submenu of Insert menu. On your web pager select an element which you would like to trigger the pop-up and click the button or the menu item on the Insert bar to add the widget to the page. If you do not select a trigger prior to adding the widget both widget and the placeholder trigger link will be added to the page at the cursor insertion point.

Additional extension information

Author: Linecraft Studio
Author website: Not available
Date published: March 12, 2010
Approval: None
Browsers: Firefox ALL | Google Chrome | Internet Explorer ALL | Netscape ALL | Opera ALL | Safari ALL
Required product(s): Dreamweaver CS4
Compatible product(s): Dreamweaver CS5, CS4
Server environment: ASP JavaScript | ASP VBScript | ASP.NET C# | ASP.NET VB | ColdFusion | Java Server Pages | Other | PHP MySQL


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MDraper 30-Oct-13 Rating = 5

A very versatile, useful extension which I used to create a series of modal windows triggered by images in DW. Even more important, when I hit the limit of my basic 'programming expertise' I received superb support from Linecraft without which I wouldn't have been able to complete my task - the extension is not difficult to use, this was purely down to my expertise.. The support I received is worth the price of this great extension. Highly recommended!

Richard Billingsley 09-Aug-13 Rating = 5

Excellent Product and Top Notch Support. I ran into a problem, early in my testing of the product, and sent a note to Linecraft support late one evening. By morning I had received a note with a few suggestions. Over the course of the day we exchanged several notes as we dug deeper into the issue I was having. The resolution ended up fixing a hidden issue that had been in my code for a long time. The point I'm wanting to make by briefly sharing my experience is that Linecraft support was exceptionally responsive, extremely knowledgeable, and dedicated to seeing the problem through to resolution. Talk about delighting their customers - Absolutely they do!

Jen McQueen 23-Aug-11 Rating = 5

Nice extension. The samples provided are just adorable!

Debbieau 11-Mar-11 Rating = 5

Excellent product and great support.

Olaf Gray 28-Jan-11 Rating = 5

Excellent versatile extension.
As always, great job Linecraft!

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