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Impact WSPP

By Tim Armes December 09, 2010

Rating = 45 votes

Impact WSPP

This version of the Impact gallery is part of our revolutionary Web Site Publisher Pro series of plugins for Lightroom 3.2 and later. It can be used to generate an entire web site and is designed to create a very powerful showcase for your work. Our Web Site Publisher Pro plugins are very different from traditional Lightroom Web Engines. Rather than creating a single gallery in the web module you instead design the look and feel of your entire site from there, and to actually upload a site you then create a Publish Service in the library module. By adding collections and collection sets to the publish service you can create a complete web presence that includes a structured hierarchy of galleries. It's really never been so easy to create a web site from within Lightroom, it's never before been possible to create a gallery hierarchy using collections and sets, and no other web engines allow you to incrementally upload just your changes to the site — that's part of the revolution, but there are a few other surprises to come too... * Design the look and feel of your entire site from the web module. * Publish your site from a Publish Service in which you may create a hierarchy of galleries. * Each gallery can have its own description text, title, and HTML metadata. Unlike traditional web engines there's no need to create a separate web template for each gallery that you need. * Adding, removing or changing one image doesn't involve uploading your entire site. The plugins keeps track of your changes and uploads only the photos that are necessary. * During the upload all the HTML files for the site are updated so that your site stays up to date. * Include up to 6 menu items, in any order, including special pages for the Home page, the Contact page and the Gallery Index page. Three extra pages may be used for extra content. Menu items may also be linked to external sites such as a hosted blog. * All these pages and their content are created in the web module and the content of the pages may be written in Markdown format, giving you unprecedented control over the formatting of your text. It's easy to add headings, paragraphs, lists, external links, external images and more. * Galleries and gallery set can be password protected. Futhermore, multiple users can be set for each gallery. * Galleries and gallery set can be hidden from the main index. This can be use to provide private client areas * Depending on the site design offered by each particular plugin you may be able to include several images in the design of your site, such as a branding image or background images for the whole page and the menu bar. * The publish service can generate PHP scripts that will be run on the web server to handle more complex tasks such as processing contact forms. Generated PHP contact form offer the user a much more integrated experience since feedback to their actions can be expressed directly on the page in question. * There are no manual modifications of files required and no special set up on the web host. The Publish Service will generate a complete, self contained web site. * The plugins regularly check for updates and bug fixes.


License: Commercial
Language: English
Cost: $32.00
Platform: Win | Mac
File format: Not available

Additional extension information

Author: Tim Armes
Author website:
Date published: December 09, 2010
Approval: None
Compatible product(s): Lightroom 4, 3


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Michael Johnsey 29-Jul-13 Rating = 1

I was thinking of buying, but having received no reply from Tim Armes to a question I asked by email over a week ago, I am extremely reluctant to spend my money. I cannot get the trial version to work without uploading to my host, so no way to judge even if it works. And since the comments here are from years ago, it does not look good. Can only imagine that it is only the most popular by number because its been around since December 09, 2010.
All in all I think its pretty shabby. Just purchased Lightroom 5 and note that it is the same old tired galleries that have been around for years. A sad and neglected area of Lightroom.
So thanks Tim, and thanks Adobe.

Miba555 28-May-11 Rating = 5

Having created my web site using Freeway Pro (which is excellent), I still had the laborious task of exporting images from Lightroom to local storage, and the importing to the Showcase app that comes with Freeway, and then into Freeway itself. All with very sleek results but also very time consuming.
Tim Armes has answered a prayer, a simple to use, but very effective plugin in the form of Impact WSPP.
This is a highly configurable plugin that's great "straight from the box" or just superb if you spend some time testing the different setting and publishing the results.
Once the actual design of your site/sub site is complete, it really is a matter of putting gallery sets and gallery folders into the plugin service panel and dragging you images into place and clicking publish.
Well done Tim. Funnily enough, having bought Impact SWPP, I've realised that I also have the excellent Storyboard and Mogrify from the same stable.
Excellent stuff. (built entirely with Impact WSPP)

Simon Davey

S4ENO 25-Feb-11 Rating = 4

Very promising and great functionality. The only reason I don't give 5 stars is the product still need some polishing (v2.09) and the author are very busy with other activities. I hope he have time soon to make this the best WEB gallery for LightRoom.

Benoit Malphettes 13-Jan-11 Rating = 5

As JJphotos, I usually do not bother posting reviews but this product is exceptionally good.
I am doing my entire website with it and I am having fun doing it. No more of the tedious hours laboring with Dreawweaver .
Quite an amazing value for ~$30. The resizing works flawlessly and the integration with LR3 makes it a pleasure to use. And you can even includes Google Analytics in your site.
Also I need to mention that the developer is very responsive in requests and feedback.
All in all it deserves five stars and a few more.

JJphotos 02-Jan-11 Rating = 5

I was looking for something to replace some older galleries that are no longer being updated, and found this on here.

Quite simply, it is superb. I re-did my entire site in less than half an hour, and have been able to create hidden galleries for holiday photos that are for friends only, rather than them being visible to the world who then can't get at them as they don't know the password.

One nice touch is that it inserts google analytics code if you have an ID.

You can create an entire website from inside Lightroom without any html knowledge at all, but if you have some you can make other touches.

I don't normally bother doing reviews but I am so pleased at the results of this, that I thought it was worth doing so and to publically thank the developer. Value for money could not be better.

If you want to see the results of my work using this, see

Jeremy Knowles

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