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By Vladimir Vinogradsky December 31, 2010

Rating = 521 votes


The Piwigo Plug-in allows you to export photos from Adobe Lightroom directly to a Piwigo hosting service. Latest Version: 2.1.1 (Jan 2, 2014)

For technical support, visit or email me directly.

For installation instructions, visit The usage is explained at, see the "Publishing photos" section.


License: Shareware
Language: English, French, German
Cost: $15.00
Platform: Win | Mac
File format: Not available

Additional extension information

Author: Vladimir Vinogradsky
Author website:
Date published: December 31, 2010
Approval: None
Compatible product(s): Lightroom 5, 4, 3, 2


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Brian Evans 14-Jan-14 Rating = 2

Great plugin and well worth the $15. However the new licensing requirements for $15 every time you upgrade lightroom is a big turn off! I was happy to support the developer however the recent changes of the licensing is a slap in the face to all that have supported him. I give it a 5 for function and support but a 0 for the money grabbing licensing change.

Thomas Kuther 03-Oct-13 Rating = 5

I rate this one 5 starts because it takes managing my Piwigo gallery to a new level beyond only having a "export to Piwigo" feature. I've used digiKam until for exporting to Piwigo and never have thought buying this Lightroom plugin would be worth the money. I was wrong. The publish plugin is awesome.

And the support by Vladimir is outstanding, I reported a bug in the publish plugin, and from the time he got my debug log by mail until he came up with a fixed version took less than 10 minutes.

Patrick Kaeding 28-Sep-13 Rating = 5

This plugin makes managing my Piwigo library as easy as managing my Lightroom library. It is really amazing. At one point, I had a question about how to change the visibility settings on select images, and the developer was very quick to offer a solution.

I highly recommend this plugin if you use Piwigo!

neilcar 08-Sep-13 Rating = 2

This plugin works well enough, although it requires direct access to the Piwigo server prior to _creating_ a photoset, which breaks my (usually disconnected) workflow when I'm traveling.

The unfortunate part is that the licensing is rather unusual:

"This plug-in is released as Shareware (no source code provided). The registration fee is $15 (USD) per single user. The license allows you to install the plugin on two computers, for example a desktop and a laptop computer, owned and operated by a single user.

Starting with Lightroom 5, you would need to purchase a new registration code for each major Lightroom version. This does not impact dot (minor) releases, e.g. Lr 4.1 to Lr 4.2."

Didier B 02-Jul-13 Rating = 5

Edit from my Feb 2013 review : I was surprised I had to repay because (and only because) of my update to LR5...

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