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By Joost Rijneveld March 06, 2011

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Hey and welcome to yet another one of my games! You’re probably familiar with this game, but then on paper. During my AI courses, it was discussed that the Battleship game lent itself quite well to build an AI for, so I figured; why not? And voila, the result. When I let a few of my friends test the game, they asked if the computer knew the exact coordinates of their ships and just shot miss to make it look legit. I can assure you, the computer player uses no knowledge about the position of your ships. He’s just terribly smart! The game is easily customizable, especially graphically. You can change the looks of any element without breaking any of the coding, and it’s all really easily accessible via the stage or library! This also goes for resizing the stage and the objects on it, of course! The code is also easy to edit, as it’s commented extensively. It’s all logically structured and very easy to maintain, even with none or very limited Actionscript knowledge. Enjoy! If you are trying to customize something, but you’re not quite succeeding, or you just want me to make a few changes for you, you can always contact me!

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Additional extension information

Author: Joost Rijneveld
Author website: Not available
Date published: March 06, 2011
Approval: None
Browsers: AOL | Firefox ALL | Google Chrome | Internet Explorer ALL | Netscape ALL | Opera ALL | Safari ALL
Action Scripts: AS 3.0
Required product(s): Flash Professional All
Compatible product(s): Flash Professional CS3, Professional CS5, Professional CS4


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