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TTG CE2 Stage

By Matthew Campagna February 09, 2011

Rating = 56 votes

TTG CE2 Stage

TTG CE2 Stage creates embed pages — containers — for presenting web video and Flash image galleries in a style consistent with your website, and accessible to popular mobile devices such as the iPhone, iPad and Android phones. Built on The Turning Gate’s new HTML5 “Core Elements 2” framework, TTG CE2 Stage pushes Lightroom’s Web module to new heights of creative possibility. Additional features include seamless integration with gallery indexes created with TTG CE2 Pages or TTG CE2 Auto Index, creation of password protected image gallery and video pages, and support for The Turning Gate's "PHPlugins" extensibility framework. Flash gallery embedding is supported for Airtight Interactive’s SimpleViewer, AutoViewer and PostcardViewer, as well as MonoSlideshow, Polaroid Gallery, FlashNifties, SlideShow Pro, Slideshow Pro Director, DIMIN Slideshow and the Lightroom Flash Gallery. The included TTG Mobile Gallery integration allows all of these Flash image galleries to be displayed on the iPhone and other mobile devices. TTG CE2 Stage may also be used to display video from YouTube and Vimeo, or hosted on your web server using HTML5 video protocol. All embed methods support playback in modern web browsers, degrade gracefully in older browsers, and support playback on mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad or Android phones. Can also be used to create HTML slideshows, and before-and-after comparisons of images, great for showing off your retouch/processing skills. With all of these features and myriad customization options, TTG CE2 Stage is the definitive tool for Lightroom users to display media on the web. Recommended by Terry White, Worldwide Creative Suite Design Evangelist for Adobe Systems, Inc.

To ask questions or request technical support, visit the TTG support forum:


License: Commercial
Language: English
Cost: $25.00
Platform: Win | Mac
File format: Not available

Additional extension information

Author: Matthew Campagna
Author website:
Date published: February 09, 2011
Approval: None
Compatible product(s): Lightroom 4, 3


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Antony Hurst 21-Mar-12 Rating = 5

I would be lost and dependent on others if not for all TTG products. Stage is awesome software and amazing value! I have slideshows running on mobiles, IOS and most if not all other devices without any experience at all. I say DON'T get a web designer GET TTG plugins and take control of your own work! I have NO connection with TTG other than willingly paying them for the software and making a few forum posts, I write the reviews as much for the photographers who want to show their work as I do for TTG, I think you deserve each other. Thanks to Matt and the crew for helping me control my web-space.

rwbarbee 14-Mar-12 Rating = 5

Another great plug in from TTG. Stage CE2 is as easy to use as the other TTG CE2 engines. I particularly like the before/after retouch feature. It's great for someone like me who writes instructional articles. And once I start taking video at my workshops I'll have the ability to easily display them.
A quick example of before/after can be seen here:

Rod Barbee

Julian Roberts 16-Feb-11 Rating = 5

I'm a hobbyist, but enjoy my photography. I don't have much free time, and certainly don't want to waste the little I have. I love getting out their to take photos, but also enjoy the post production side in Lightroom and Photoshop. What I'm not is a web designer!

Last Christmas I set myself a project to get a website up and running so that that distant friends could see my photos. After some research I came across the Matthew's Turning Gate offerings. It looked to good to be true. A professional looking site with bags of functionality, without the need for any real HTML skills - all at a very reasonable price. I think it was Terry White's blog article which eventually spurred me the press the 'buy' button - and I'm really glad I did.

Very soon I had bought Pages and Stage CE and had a fairly simple site up and working. No crashes, no headaches - but a really polished looking site.

I can't recommend it enough. I'll go for Auto Index next - to index my videos.


Jason McKain 15-Feb-11 Rating = 5

If you are like me and have been scared to develop your website then The Turning Gate is for you. You have control of the feel and can easily change the look of your website if need be. When I first started looking into designing a website I was not willing to throw my money away to a designer and not be able to change the galleries when needed. I remember when I thought I could design my own website, I bought the "complete idiots guide to web design". This is when I realized I was a complete idiot, lol. After some research I stumbled across The Turning Gate. It was like Matt knew exactly what I wanted and I couldn't believe the price.

If the product itself doesn't sell you, then the customer service will. Matt has set up a forum where you can look up frequently asked questions or get ideas from other TTG users. Matt has always surprised my with his quick responses to my questions, even if I know he's been asked the same question a million times.

TTG Stage is the start of the new CE engine. I was ecstatic with the ease of the rest of the TTG product line and can't wait for the upgrade for the rest of the products. Do yourself a favour, invest in TTG today. Check out our website at and see what we've done with TTG products.

john bishop images 11-Feb-11 Rating = 5

I couldn't agree with Off.line more!

One of the great features of the Core Elements platform is the ability to modify or add your own menus, widgets or more to the pages created using this platform. PHP user hooks makes maintaining my web site much much easier.

And while Stage CE is the only production CE web module release to date Matt is furiously working on upgrading the Client Response Gallery to the CE platform, currently in Beta test.

I have had the great pleasure of working with Matt as he developed Stage CE and now as he develops the CE version of the Autoindex module, a precursor needed to facilitate the release of CE versions of his highly popular HighSlide Gallery and HighSlide Gallery Pro modules.

Here's a sample of a Stage CE implementation at

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