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3D photo maker 100% working

By bhagyesh pathak April 08, 2011

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3D photo maker 100% working

BEFORE USING THIS ACTION,FOLLOW THE STEPS TO TAKE A 3D PHOTO USING YOUR CAMERA: 1.Find a subject to photograph. Your subject should be able to sit still, and it should contain some depth. Your buddy in front of a bare white wall will look as boring in 3-D as he or she does normally. Consider close-ups of detailed things. You will probably want to set your camera to macro mode - the symbol is typically a flower. 2.Your subject needs to be able to sit still because you will be taking two "as-identical-as-possible" photos: one for the left-eye view and one for the right. A tripod might be nice, but it certainly isn't necessary. Take the first photo, then move the camera about 2 inches (the distance between your eyes) to the right and try to retake the photo to be as identical to the last one as possible. 3.Copy the two images to your computer. Open in PHOTOSHOP CS5. 4.Examine the photo while wearing your red-blue glasses (red over the left eye). THE GLASSES CAN BE MADE BY SIMPLE TRANSPERANT PLASTIC FILMS. 5.If it is just not working for you, try looking through the glasses backward (red over the right eye).


License: Freeware
Cost: Free
Platform: Win
File format: ATN | 1.6 KB

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Author: bhagyesh pathak
Author website: Not available
Date published: April 08, 2011
Approval: None
Compatible product(s): Photoshop CS5


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