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By davedanson May 05, 2011

Rating = 53 votes


DataTable is an extension for Adobe Dreamweaver that allows to show and edit the data stored in a MySQL database, from a webpage. Insertion of a "DataTable" in a webpage is a simple process, all you need to do is open the webpage where the data will be shown, place the cursor on the section of the page where you wish to insert it, and click on the option Insert DataTable described in the product information.

Video-demo, support service, FAQ and additional information available from the product's webpage.

UI Access:
Once installed, the extension can be accessed through the menu option “Insert > Data Objects > Insert DataTable”, or through “Insertbar > Data > Insert DataTable”.

Additional extension information

Author: davedanson
Author website:
Date published: May 05, 2011
Approval: None
Browsers: Firefox ALL | Google Chrome | Internet Explorer ALL | Netscape ALL | Opera ALL | Safari ALL
Required product(s): Dreamweaver All
Compatible product(s): Dreamweaver All
Server environment: PHP MySQL


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wilfrid96 17-Sep-11 Rating = 5

All those features in only one extension, sounds good and works as good as expected. I‘m very excited with the Data Table. I have tested the extension with several of my preferred browsers and all has been fine.

wilkerson44 10-Jun-11 Rating = 5

I have checked similar products, but neither of them uses AJAX to communicate with the database manager. The website owner appreciated this solution to update the stored data without losing the web page focus.

bertw36 02-Jun-11 Rating = 5

Seems very easy to show tabular data with this extension, I will
give it a chance. Will comment later.

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