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Instant Catalog Publishing

By Philippe Bouquet September 09, 2011

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Instant Catalog Publishing

ICP (Instant Catalog Publishing) is an application wich gives you the ability to publish in a few minutes very nice Flash or PDF Catalog from InDesign CS4 or CS5. It is composed of a database to handle all your pictures, a set of InDesign layouts, and some scripts to run the Flash or PDF generation process. It also offers a bridge to create Web albums on Windows (Jalbum). You don't need to do any programming. Just import your images in the database software, add your comments and generate automatically a merge file. Then, you just have to open one of the InDesign layout provided and run a script. In a few seconds, your InDesign, Flash or PDF catalog is created.

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License: Try/Buy
Cost: $20.00
Platform: Win | Mac
File format: Not available

Additional extension information

Author: Philippe Bouquet
Author website: Not available
Date published: September 09, 2011
Approval: None
Compatible product(s): InDesign CS5, CS4


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Everwood Farm 20-Dec-11 Rating = 3

Dear Support Contact,

I can not get the initial setup correct. What I notice initially is that your “jalbum” directory structure is different than how JAP sets up the directory structure when creating an album, IE: your directory structure starts with “jalbum” while the directory created by JAP is “.jalbum” IE: starts with a period…

Regardles of how I try to setup the initial directory structure (and I think I have tried every conceivable combination) the ICP returns an error: “Folder name: This folder does not exist or this folder includes files that cannot be imported (.mov for example)!” Is there some limit on the initial directory structure where you MUST HAVE “MyPictures” included in the path?

I have the picture directory path set to “C:\Users\Dave\My Documents\My Albums\pictures” as in the left hand Explore page,
And setting the Import folder set to LaMotte and/or Lamotte\album…

Hope this screen shot say’s a thousand words  … At the moment I am feeling like a total DEU (dumb end user)

< Screen shot deleted, please see your email >

Question: We are set up to do Access or Excel imports (not available in the Trial I notice) which is where we really need to go. Would this method remove the problem?

Thanks for your time and attention.


Dave Quillin
Everwood Farm ®
PO Box 9098
7937 Lakeside Drive NE
Brooks, Oregon 97305


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