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Display Line Numbers in InDesign

By [Ariel] August 15, 2012

Rating = 52 votes

Display Line Numbers in InDesign

As a designer, you may often receive corrections from authors and editors that say something like: “23rd line from bottom, please add a comma”. With this script you can speed things up a little, as InDesign will now display line numbers besides each line (see screenshots below). The Display Line Numbers script can add line numbers to a single text frame, or to an entire story.

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Cost: $24.95
Platform: Win | Mac
File format: ZIP | 8.3 KB

Additional extension information

Author: [Ariel]
Author website:
Date published: August 15, 2012
Approval: None
Compatible product(s): InDesign CS5, CS4


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[Ariel] 21-Mar-13 Rating = 5

Hi Jamil,

Thanks for your comments. (As you already know), the script now works even with span columns -- problem solved!


Jamil Jonna 23-Sep-12 Rating = 4

Hi again,

After some more checking, I realized that the baseline grid has nothing to do with it. The problem appears to be related to when I use the newer "Span Columns" feature. I've taken to using span columns in several styles since it allows you to make even spacing above and below several paragraphs of the same style. In any case, I would imagine that you could fix it pretty easily.

Thanks for the wonderful script!

Jamil Jonna 23-Sep-12 Rating = 4

Hi Arïel,

The only issue I had is that certain paragraphs styles got renumbered. It appears that the renumbering was triggered when one adjacent style was attached to a baseline grid and the next was not. Since we do not attach block quotes, numbered lists and other things to a baseline grid this causes a relatively large amount of renumbering and then of course makes the numbers useless. Is there any way to change this? Or would it cause other problems?

[Ariel] 11-Sep-12 Rating = 5

By the way, it works with CS6 as well.

Hope you find it useful!


[Ariel] 11-Sep-12 Rating = 5

If you need line numbers, this script offers more features than anything else out there.

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