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By smpuckett May 25, 2012

Rating = 32 votes


Create Thousands of New Film-Look Presets Create Tone Curves that simulate traditional chemical films such as Tri-X, Kodachrome, Velvia, FP4 and dozens more, plus many popular papers such as Portra, MCP and Fomaspeed. Get Traditional Looks with Traditional Controls * Choose Filter, Film, and Paper * Select your Camera and Enlarger Exposures * Fine tune Dynamic Range and Colour Response * Precise Mathematic Simulation Algorithms


License: Try/Buy
Language: English
Cost: $45.00
Platform: Win | Mac
File format: Not available

Additional extension information

Author: smpuckett
Author website:
Date published: May 25, 2012
Approval: None
Compatible product(s): Lightroom 4, 3


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Wanda Sava 02-Oct-13 Rating = 1

it doesn't work at all

mikey_adobe 30-May-12 Rating = 5

I love the way this plugin works. It is a preset creator that lets you preview what your preset will do before you create it.
For subsequent images, just choose your preset.
Even better that it allows you to apply your understanding of exposure using meaningful controls.
The possibilities are endless!

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