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Ivory Mobile & SEO Friendly XML Template + CMS AD

By mark henry August 06, 2012

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SOME BIG FEATURES : Built on the Royal Template Series – Built on top of the tried and true, reliable, seo & mobile friendly, and wildly popular Royal Template Series. Including many of the same modules, but also more! Full Content Management System – Never worry about editing again. This site comes with a full content management system that requires no database, no special installations. Just upload & log in. It makes WordPress installations look like rocket science! XML Driven Content – XML driven menu, pages, deeplinks, and page modules. Including most of the text content being flash HTML /CSS capable. SEO System – PHP driven automatic system that writes out SEO backup based on the XML file for that page. It also allows you to shut off the automatic SEO for that page and manually write the backup content. HTML SEO content can also be manually written in for it if you don’t have PHP support. Mobile Friendly – Not only is there a mobile friendly HTML backup system, but it takes it a step further and automatically detects flash hashes from deeplinking and redirects to the proper mobile page. So it is truly mobile (and other devices without flash) friendly. Extras – Includes the popular “Asset Manager” system for free (a $35 product). Color Neutral – All colors you see are not part of the hard coded flash. The scroller colors set in the xml or cms, the menu rollovers too, the logo image is changed via xml/cms…completely brandable! Deeplinked – SWFAddress driven deeplinking system. This means full back button capability, the ability to give people links to internal pages, and all the other advantages that comes with using SWFAddress. Analytics – Ties in with your Google Analytics account and tracks page views, times visited, visit duration, geographic location of visitors, information about the visitor’s system, and much more. Submenus – Submenus that tie in with your deeplinking for a seamless experience. Image, Swf, & Video Backgrounds – Use large beautiful images, flv, f4v, or H.264 video or custom animated swf files for page backgrounds. Create slideshows of images for a page background, use blind transitions (or normal fades) or use subtle particle and bokeh effects or even create a glimmering blinds effect. It’s all included and easy to do in the XML . You can also leave the backgrounds blank. Background Effects – Have a normal image fade in…or have blinds effects, or a slideshow, or bokeh effects, or a grid overlay, or particle effects, or blinds glimmering effects…or all of them! This is the most powerful backgrounds and backgrounds effect engine you’ll find in a flash template! User Friendly – Utilizing simple page module designs with full mouse wheel support (including mac) to create pages that leaves no one guessing at how to interact with content. Extendable – Designed to be used as a simple XML or CMS driven website or stripped down to nothing and used as a framework for extending by experienced devs. There are systems for extending the main template, for creating extra page modules (including the html backup system) and for creating custom swf pages that are XML driven from the same xml structure as the rest of the template. YouTube Video – Video content that takes advantage of YouTube not only for flash video, but also uses its HTML5 backup system for mobiles (told you it was mobile friendly). And new to the Royal line, you now have full control over YouTube video quality! Translation Friendly – A reasonably large set of embedded characters, and every single bit of text is external as part of the XML /CMS edited content, or part of an external image (such as the logo). Brandable – The major UI graphics (the logo, the rollover tab to open the menu, and the menu background) are all external image files that you can change and edit to your brand. Attention to Details – Fullscreen video that covers the screen but goes back to its normal size without leaving fullscreen mode if you were already in fullscreen mode before clicking the video fullscreen button, video that mutes the MP3 player when playing, a contact form that reminds users why their keyboard input doesn’t work if they’re in fullscreen mode (adobe disallows keyboard input in fullscreen), a paging system that allows you to make a page and its deeplink but choose not to show it in the menu, HTML links within your HTML rich text that allow you to link to other pages within the flash seamlessly yet convert to regular HTML links in the HTML backup version of the site, mouse wheel support throughout all page modules and the lightbox, custom swf pages that still can use the automatic HTML backup feature by including an XML file, an mp3 player that can remember the volume the user sets it for and re-use that each visit, and many many more small features that really make a big difference.

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License: Try/Buy
Cost: $50.00
OS: All
File format: Not available

Additional extension information

Author: mark henry
Author website: Not available
Date published: August 06, 2012
Approval: None
Browsers: Firefox ALL | Google Chrome | Internet Explorer ALL | Netscape ALL | Opera ALL | Safari ALL
Action Scripts: AS 2.0 | AS 3.0
Required product(s): Flash Professional All
Compatible product(s): Flash Professional All


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