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HTML5 Photo Gallery - Resizable Album XML FWD

By August 27, 2012

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HTML5 Photo Gallery - Resizable Album XML FWD

Framework: JQuery

Dreamweaver support: Basic

The HTML5 Photo Gallery - Resizable Album Grid XML is size flexible or fluid, it will adapt it's size (width and height) based on the parent container (div or some other html tag) and every piece of the gallery will align and position accordingly, this basically mean that it can be used in any kind of website.

Not available

UI Access:
Not available


License: Commercial
Cost: $14.00
OS: All
File format: Not available

Additional extension information

Author website: Not available
Date published: August 27, 2012
Approval: None
Browsers: Firefox ALL | Internet Explorer ALL | Netscape ALL | Opera ALL
Required product(s): Dreamweaver All
Compatible product(s): Dreamweaver All
Server environment: Other


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