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Tree - Minimal Blog WordPress Theme

By john taylor November 14, 2012

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Tree - Minimal Blog WordPress Theme

Framework: JQuery

Dreamweaver support: Basic

Tree - Minimal Blog WordPress Theme INTRODUCTION Tree is a minimal WordPress theme designed for primarily for blogs. The themes aims at making posting easy and informational to the end user while displaying a clean interface. It isn’t only for blogs though, Tree is loaded with features and options so that you can customize it how you want. FULL FORUM SKIN You know what the problem with every other theme is? You have to install a forum afterwards and then skin it yourself. Tree includes a Mingle Forum skin already! Simply activate the skin and you’ll have a forum that makes your site instantly. FEATURES FULL MINGLE FORUM SUPPORT - Tree includes a Mingle forum theme. Just add the Mingle forum plugin and you’ll have a fully functional forum that matches your site in seconds! FEATURED POSTS - If you need certain posts to stand out, feature the post to show it at the top of the page. IMPORTANT POSTS - Need certain posts to stand out even more? Mark a post as important and your users will be more likely to pay attention. ANNOUNCEMENTS - Tree has the option to post an announcement message that will go on the top of all pages. POST IMAGES - Every post has a featured image because no one likes to see a wall of text. WELCOME MESSAGE - Greet your first time visitors with a clean welcome message. MINIMAL DESIGN - A minimalist design that gets rid of all the clutter. LAYOUT OPTIONS - Choose from a left sidebar, right sidebar, or full page content ANIMATIONS - Tree comes with a bunch of sleek animations. SHORTCODE - Sliders, buttons, videos, and so much more shortcode that you can use. WIDGETS ENABLED - Support for widgets is included. MENUS ENABLED - Support for menus is included. SEO OPTIMIZED - It’s optimized for SEO with proper heading tags. COMPATIBILITY - Works great with all the major browsers like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, IE 9 , IE 8, and even IE 7 . CONTACT FORM - Tree includes a contact form without the use of any plugins. MUCH MORE - We haven’t even scratched the surface of everything that is included.

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UI Access:
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License: Try/Buy
Cost: $40.00
OS: All
File format: Not available

Additional extension information

Author: john taylor
Author website: Not available
Date published: November 14, 2012
Approval: None
Browsers: Firefox ALL | Google Chrome | Internet Explorer ALL | Netscape ALL | Opera ALL | Safari ALL
Required product(s): Dreamweaver All
Compatible product(s): Dreamweaver All
Server environment: ASP JavaScript | ASP VBScript | ASP.NET C# | ASP.NET VB | ColdFusion | Java Server Pages | PHP MySQL


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