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5D Mark II LCD screen

By fro_o May 23, 2013

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5D Mark II LCD screen

This preset makes the image match what you see on Canon 5D Mark II LCD screen. After the pictures are imported to the computer, it turns out they very much differ from what I saw on the camera's LCD screen. For instance the LCD screen shows images more blue-ish than the images actually are. I made this preset to change the image to what one would expect from looking at the camera's LCD screen. This is also my first trial to upload a paid preset to Adobe Exchange.


License: Try/Buy
Language: English
Cost: $1.99
Platform: Win | Mac
File format: ZIP | 1.1 KB

Additional extension information

Author: fro_o
Author website: Not available
Date published: May 23, 2013
Approval: None
Compatible product(s): Lightroom 4


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