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redrex Portfolio Demo

By redrex photography May 23, 2013

Rating = 53 votes

redrex Portfolio Demo

The Portfolio Gallery gives you the ability to create a web site with multiple pages and galleries all in one single Lightroom export. jQuery is used to display all the content from just from one HTML file, no server side scripts required. The full portfolio gallery is available via this link. You can also see all the features of the gallery via the link above. A video is also on YouTube showing you how the gallery works. Portfolio Overview Multi-Gallery Create a web site with multiple galleries all from one static HTML5 web page, javascript is used to separate the thumbnails into gallery sets, which are controlled in the Lightroom settings panel. You can customise the gallery names, these names are used to create their own hash URL, so you can link to them directly, here's an example ( The only restriction is that all the galleries must have a unique gallery name. There is no limit on how many images can be contained within a gallery, nor on how many galleries in the web site. The loading of each thumbnail image is managed via an image loader which means only the gallery pages the viewer decides to view are loaded when they click a gallery nav link. Pages The gallery also has the feature to support up to three pages that can contain HTML content with customisable titles and URLs. Navigation to the pages is done via the top nav bar. You can also add up to two external nav links to the top nav bar, to link to pages on another website such as a blog. Bootstrap Platform A powerful front-end framework is provided via the bootstrap platform giving you resizeable pages, so your site looks great on a laptop screen, tablet or a mobile phone. The framework also gives web designers and developers a sleek, intuitive base for faster and easier web development. Theming & Styles Font Awesome and Bootswatch themes are included and configured to work with bootstrap framework for enhanced styling and web design. You can also customise the themes and choose from a list of image textures to give the gallery a background. Google web Fonts can be applied to websites too. Also included is a thumbnail cropping position feature that lets you have more control over the cropping of the square images.


License: Demo
Language: English
Cost: $20.00
Platform: Win | Mac
File format: ZIP | 3.7 MB

Additional extension information

Author: redrex photography
Author website:
Date published: May 23, 2013
Approval: None
Compatible product(s): Lightroom 5, 4


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quentinsf 10-Aug-13 Rating = 5

Very pleased with this. I was getting fed up with what Flickr & 500px were doing to my photos and wishing I could do something better with Lightroom, but Adobe's templates are basic to say the least, and haven't evolved from the accursed days of Flash...

I was just about to dig into the SDK and code up something myself when I came across Redrex Portfolio - and it's just what I needed. Its output is based on the excellent Bootstrap framework, and it produces galleries that look good on a variety of devices and are much more customisable than the built-in ones.

A nice product at a sensible price.

fjustesen 27-Jul-13 Rating = 5

Great plugin. After few hours after the easy installation I had a amazing gallery running.
If you are a Lightroom user this id a "must have" plugin. I also have the Base gallery plugin and I can recommend this also

Greetings from Copenhagen

Tom Jolly 11-Jun-13 Rating = 5

Installed this yesterday and after a few learning moments for me with LR, my site was up and rave reviews I might add. Very simple to install and easy to navigate through the options. I did have a few questions and emailed for my pleasant surprise I had an immediate response and was on my way again. Looking forward to seeing more features. Great plugin!

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