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Frame Buster

By rrabi June 22, 2000

Rating = 47 votes

Has your site been framed? <BR><BR> Some WEB sites keep one of their frames open, while they display your pages. Your visitors may think that your pages actually belong or are associated with the site that framed you. <BR><BR> This Frame Buster object will insert the required javascript code to close all frames, other than the one running the script.

Not available

UI Access:
Click on Frame Buster icon from the Objects window


License: Freeware
Cost: Free
OS: Win | Mac
File format: MXP | 1.8 KB

Additional extension information

Author: rrabi
Author website:
Date published: June 22, 2000
Approval: Adobe
Browsers: AOL | Internet Explorer ALL | Mozilla 1.0 | Netscape ALL | Opera ALL | WebTV
Required product(s): Dreamweaver 2
Compatible product(s): Dreamweaver 2
Server environment: Not available


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