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PHP Server Formats

By Andres Cayon November 10, 2005

Rating = 439 votes

Adds more server formats to PHP: - STRING: Newlines to BR, HTML As Text, Strip HTML Tags, Count Number of Characters, Reversed Text. - NUMERIC: Binary to Decimal, Decimal to Binary, Hex to Decimal, Decimal to Hex. - CURRENCY: 0,1 or 2 decimals with comma or dot separation. - DATE/TIME: 18 different formats for Time and Date Manipulation (Unix Timestamp) More extensions available at: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>.

Not available

UI Access:
You can access them from the Formats column in the Data Bindings Panel

Additional extension information

Author: Andres Cayon
Author website:
Date published: November 10, 2005
Approval: Adobe
Browsers: AOL | Internet Explorer ALL | Mozilla 1.0 | Netscape ALL | Opera ALL | WebTV
Required product(s): Dreamweaver MX
Compatible product(s): Dreamweaver 8 , MX 2004 , 6.1 , MX
Server environment: PHP MySQL


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Steve Skinner 14-Feb-13 Rating = 5

Bravo! Exactly what I was looking for. Installed and runs great on CS6.

Monirul Islam 01-Oct-11 Rating = 1

I cant install it using adobe extension manager CS5. It says you need dreamweaver 6 or greater version.

Ra Donk 27-Mar-11 Rating = 1

"Can't update menus. The extension will not be installed" - This is a problem thousands of customer encounter. I think Adobe has to show a clear solution.

MyDreamweaverExtensions 05-Nov-09 Rating = 5

Very useful. Thanks, Andress

aki best 12-Oct-09 Rating = 3

SlimJim3, thank you mate. the time/date format is broken in this. kinda fuckup my php

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