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3D Invigorator
Artists can easily create complex 3D logos, text and objects using vector artwork. Turn flat 2D art into dynamic 3D objects!
4.6 20 ratings
35 free, high-res, seamlessly tiling textures for 3D and design
Great for texturing 3D objects or for design backgrounds, these textures don't show edges when tiled! And they're free!
4.5 2 ratings
DAZ Studio
DAZ Studio is a powerful, free 3D figure posing and animation tool that enables users to easily create stunning digital imagery
3.9 12 ratings
Eye Candy
Slick design made easy
4.8 14 ratings
FREE - 3DVIA plugin - Search & Import 3D models
A plug-in to search over 20,000 premium and user-generated 3D models and import them directly inside of Photoshop
3.8 4 ratings
Free - Abstract 3D Renders Pack
This abstract render pack comes filled with 33 images of 3D abstract renders. PNG format with transparent backgrounds.
0.0 0 ratings
Pure Art Hand Drawing
Best Photoshop Actions
0.0 0 ratings
3D Bridge for Photoshop
The 3D Bridge is a plug-in designed to connect the power of Photoshop with the unlimited content possibilities of DAZ Studio.
2.5 2 ratings
Pure Art Hand Drawing 2
Best Photoshop Actions
4.0 2 ratings
Colored Pencil Drawing
Best Photoshop Actions
0.0 0 ratings
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