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ALCE - Advanced Local Contrast Enhancer

by RBG - Roberto Bigano Group
Posted: 07-May-11

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ALCE is a Photoshop® extension that apply a powerful Local Contrast enhancement.

The algorithm analyzes the image through a user-defined radius - which defines a neighborhood of interest, and within that area a contrast-enhancing manoeuvre is carried out without any clipping. This way, highlight details are safe and enriched, while the structure of shadows is boosted and yet preserves the original information.

ALCE also embeds a Batch panel, to automate the processing of entire folders.

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Price: 28.00 - 33.60 EUR
Language: English
Version: 2.1
Platform: Mac | Windows
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Publisher: RBG - Roberto Bigano Group

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the B.O.M.B. (1 Review)

Simply the easiest and best way to add local contrast to an image. Fantastic!

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francesco todaro (0 Review)

Alce is a fantastic Local Contrast Filter, very easy to use, with different level of contrast on is panel so it's possibile to graduate the effect. I have one on my PS CS6 and use it on all my image. I advise it. Francesco T.

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