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by Bigfields Software
Posted: 16-Mar-10

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Often you will find fun and interesting images on the web, which unfortunately far too often, have too low resolution to be useful. Here is a solution to this problem.

Pixenlarge has an intelligent algorithm to recognize patterns in the image. That makes it unique and very good at dealing with complex patterns, as if it had been manually re-drawn. These characteristics make Pixenlarge the perfect tool for re-utilization of the rich, but low-resoluted treasure of clip arts.

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Cost: Free
Language: English
Version: 2.0.2
Previous Versions: 1.0.0, 1.0.0
Platform: Windows
Downloads: 77
Trial: Yes
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Publisher: Bigfields Software

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fredrik_bond (1 Review)

This tool saved me a lot of work since I am not really a graphical guy. I had a lot small images (icons) that I needed to magnify and the plugin did this perfectly.

So why not try it out for your self :)

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