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Geographic Imager

by Avenza Systems Inc.
Posted: 30-Apr-09

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Geographic Imager is spatial imaging tools for working with geographic imagery within Adobe Photoshop. It enhance Photoshop by adding tools & technology to support the import, edit, manipulation & export of geospatial images including the ability to open & recognize geotiffs and other referenced raster formats, automatically mosaic and tile images spatially, reproject images, transform & geo-reference images based on ground control points & save images with all spatial information intact.

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Cost: Pay
Price: 699
Language: English
Version: 2.1
Platform: Mac | Windows
Downloads: 226
Trial: Yes
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Publisher: Avenza Systems Inc.

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MRisin (1 Review)

This plugin does what it advertises. Very good for working with geotiffs and other spatial images in Photoshop. Maybe a little expensive but well worth it compared to the alternatives.

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