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PackshotMacro R

by PackshotCreator
Posted: 07-May-12

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Create HD pictures 360-degree animations of small items (jewelries, glasses, gemstones...) on a pure white background, without any retouching: improve your workflow.
Integrate your animations on your e-commerce website, product catalogue, newsletters, flyers, etc.

The lightbox' walls are fully lighted and are dimmable from 0 to 100% to let you control better your lighting.
The user-friendly software allows you to control the whole shooting without any effort.

Other System Requirements:

OS: Windows® ME / 2000 / XP or Windows 7 (Administrator Account) CPU: Pentium® or equiv. (1 GHz or higher preferred) RAM: Min. 2 GB (3 GB preferred) VGA: Min. 1024x768, True color Monitor Type: CRT or LCD monitor 3 USB ports min., CD ROM Drive Internet connection with active email account (optional)

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Price: 9985
Language: English
Version: 2012
Platform: Windows
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Publisher: PackshotCreator

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