Anyone can use Adobe Marketplace free of charge. Adobe® Photoshop® Marketplace and OSMF Marketplace are currently active.

To post an offering or review, or to comment on a review, you must first sign in or create an Adobe account.

Certain types of publishers and developers will need to be approved before their offerings can be made available. In these cases, you can register and submit your offering first, and your offering will go live as soon as you have been approved.

To request to become a publisher for additional marketplaces, click Edit profile in the right navigation, under the Publisher tools heading. Then, scroll to the Marketplaces section and check the boxes for additional marketplaces.

Each user can review an offering only once. Reviews can be edited or deleted at any time by the reviewer.

For help using Adobe products, visit the Adobe support page.

For additional information on the Adobe Marketplace, view the FAQ.
Photoshop Marketplace FAQ
OSMF Marketplace FAQ