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The Adobe Photoshop CS4 Book for Digital Photographers

by Peachpit
Posted: 24-Apr-09

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Scott Kelby uncovers the latest, most important, and most exciting new Adobe Photoshop CS4 techniques for digital photographers. This cuts through the bull and shows you exactly “how to do it.” It’s not a bunch of theory; it doesn’t challenge you to come up with your own settings or figure it out on your own. Instead, Scott shows you step-by-step the exact techniques used by today’s cutting-edge digital photographers, and best of all, he shows you exactly which settings to use, when, and why.

Proficiency: Beginner/Intermediate
ISBN/SKU: 0-321-58009-5
Author: Scott Kelby
Publisher: New Riders

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Publisher: Peachpit

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BarbBinder (3 Reviews)

This title offers a fun and informative look at Photoshop CS4. Written so that a beginner can follow the exercises, it’s so full of cool and innovative ideas that I would challenge the most advanced user to say that it wasn’t worth their time to read. The book is organized into logical chapters, and each exercise takes 10-15 minutes to keystroke. Practical and well thought-out activities, clear and concise writing, and the photos that accompany the step-by-step exercises make this a “must have” for any Photoshop user’s bookshelf.

~Barb Binder, ACI since 1997
Owner, Rocky Mountain Training

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