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Introduction to Photoshop® LAB Color

by Kelby Training
Posted: 13-May-09

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These lessons explore not only the basic structure of LAB and its common uses, but expands into several advanced retouching areas.

* The Power of LAB
* Basic LAB Curve
* When Not to Use LAB
* The LAB Channels
* Creating New Colors
* Correcting a Color Cast
* Enhancing Color
* LAB and Masks
* Applying a Quick LAB Workflow
* Skin Tone
* Taking Advantage of LAB Concepts While in RGB
* Blending Adjustments
* Masks and Selections
* Using LAB to Help Fix CYMK Images
* Getting Better Skies

Proficiency: All
Author: Dan Margulis
Publisher: Kelby Media Group Inc

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Publisher: Kelby Training

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