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Floating Adjustments for Adobe Photoshop® CS5

by RBG - Roberto Bigano Group
Posted: 07-May-11

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To edit any adjustment layer (Curves, Levels, Brightness/Contrast, etc.) in Photoshop® CS5 users must open the non-modal Adjustments Panel, introduced by Adobe back in CS4. Older versions like CS3 allowed a double click to the Adjustment layer, and a bigger, modal floating window appeared.

Floating Adjustments panel restores that behavior, and lets you create new, and edit existents, adjustment layers of any kind as floating windows, allowing more precision especially in dialogs like Curves.

Other System Requirements:

It requires Photoshop® CS5 or Photoshop® CS5 Extended, it runs on both Mac and PC.

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Publisher: RBG - Roberto Bigano Group

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