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Adobe Exchange Panel for CS6 Get it now The Adobe Exchange panel integrates with Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Illustrator, Flash, Premiere, Prelude, InDesign, and InCopy.

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LightFX Photoshop Background Creator
This is an advanced action that processes 414 commands to produce a specific light effect image with 1 click!
5.0 1 ratings
Channels Power Tool - Advanced Mask Editing for Adobe® Photoshop®
CPT is a Photoshop® extension to evaluate, to work and to edit channels for masking and blending.
0.0 0 ratings
Pressed - Letterpress PSD Style
Save time by using pre-built great looking styles in Photoshop!
5.0 1 ratings
Chrome and Silver Series - Photoshop Styles
Simply incredible chrome and crystal styles!
5.0 1 ratings
Photoshop 3D Generator Action
"Dimensions" is a powerful Photoshop action, that transforms any object in Photoshop, be it text or anything else, to 3D!
5.0 1 ratings
4 Professional Photo Looks #5 - Photoshop Actions
4 Photoshop Actions for the Price of One! These 4 Photoshop actions are jam packed with style, giving you the creative freedom.
5.0 1 ratings
Divine Elemente
Divine Elemente is a plug-in for Adobe® Photoshop.
5.0 1 ratings
35 Overlay Web Photoshop Layer Styles
35 styles pack for Adobe Photoshop!
5.0 1 ratings
PROActions Bundle - Film & Special Effects
Contains 72 PSD Actions!
5.0 1 ratings
Realistic Logo Mockup - Smart Template V.2.5
Show your logo design with style!
Create a realistic display for your logo in few seconds.
5.0 1 ratings
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