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Adobe Photoshop CS3 Vanishing Point Filter Improvements
NAPP instructor Matt Kloskowski walks you through the improvements in Photoshop CS3's Vanishing Point filter.
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Any Photo to Sketch! - 25min Photoshop Video Tutorial
A 25 minute video tutorial teaching you how to take any photo, and make it into a cool sketch for some concept art.
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5 Easy Cool Photo Effects #2 Tutorial
A 25 minute long video tutorial!
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Welcome to Mark Johnson’s Photoshop 101 Series where he’ll introduce you to the wonderful Photoshop universe.
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Ghosted Man Effect
Learn how to create a ghosted effect in Photoshop.
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Fire Hair op Video tutorial  in Photoshop
A 40minute video tutorial, explaining how to go from a normal photograph with normal hair, to a blazing world of fire.
5.0 1 ratings
Advanced Photoshop Hair Selection - 35min Photoshop CS Video Tutorial
A A 35 minute video tutorial, explaining in detail the secrets of selecting and masking hair in Photoshop!
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How To Create Light Sources from Various Directions in Photoshop
Bert Monroy demonstrates which Photoshop features allow you to create realistic details in your digital painting.
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CS4's New Content Aware Scaling Feature
One of the headlining features when it comes to CS4 is called Content Aware Scaling.
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How To Use Smart Filters in Adobe Photoshop CS3
NAPP instructor Matt Kloskowski explains how to non-destructively add filters within Photoshop using Smart Filters.
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